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10 Essential Restaurant POS software Dubai Features

A POS system is the most important tool for any restaurant owner. It helps you manage your business and makes sure that it’s run smoothly. However, the best POS systems aren’t cheap. A good system can cost thousands of dollars, but there are plenty of great options if you’re willing to spend a little more money on them. Here are some features included in EBR restaurant POS software Dubai that will make your restaurant run better:


You can have the best POS system in the world, but if it’s not secure or if your credit card numbers are stored by an insecure third party and hackers can access them at any time—it’s useless. This is why it is best to opt for a restaurant POS software Dubai that is reliable and secure. 

  • Encryption: Encryption protects data from being read or changed by anyone except those with access to the key (the device itself). Some systems use encryption on all transactions while others only encrypt some transactions.
  • Biometric authentication: Another way to secure your data is by using biometric authentication, which uses a physical feature like fingerprint recognition or facial recognition to verify users’ identities instead of using passwords and PIN codes as other forms of authentication do. This helps prevent unauthorised access since only authorized users will be able to use their devices without having their fingerprints scanned first before entering a store’s premises; this also prevents fraudsters from making purchases without paying off first!

Employee Management

Employee management is one of the most important features you must have in your restaurant POS software Dubai. This can be done through:

  • Time and attendance (T&A) – employees will be able to clock in/out, leave early or late, and have their scheduled shift changed. You can also view their daily schedule so you know when they are working.
  • Scheduling – this feature allows you to assign shifts for each employee based on their availability and preferences. You can change their schedules as often as needed without any issues because it’s all done online!
  • Payroll – this is where all payroll information goes through such as pay rates/taxes owed to various government agencies as well as what needs to be paid out each month at different intervals depending on how much money has been earned by your employees throughout the year (or quarter).

Food Costing and Inventory Management

Food costing and inventory management are two important features to consider when choosing a POS system for your restaurant software Dubai .

  • Food costing helps you determine the cost of your menu items. It also allows you to track sales and revenue, which is extremely helpful in determining how much money you make per week or month.
  • Inventory management helps keep track of how much food is in stock at all times, so that if someone orders an item from an off-menu section (like steak tips), then it automatically shows up as available on the customer’s bill.

Sales Reports

Sales reports are important to help you understand your business. They can be used to help you make decisions and plan for the future, as well as provide insight into your customers’ needs.

Sales reports will tell you how much money was made on each item sold, what items were most popular with customers, when they bought their food or drink (and at what time), who they bought it from—and more! The data in these reports will give you valuable information that can be used by any restaurant owner looking for ways to improve their sales or operations.

Cloud-based System

Cloud-based systems are more secure, flexible and easier to use. They also offer a higher level of security for your business because they are hosted in an external location that isn’t controlled by you.

In addition to being more secure, cloud-based POS systems are also easy to use. You don’t have to worry about installing software on each device or having multiple versions of the same app available on different platforms like Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone (or even Mac). You just need one app that works across all platforms and devices!

Product Location Feature

One of the most important features in a POS system is product location. This feature allows you to track sales and inventory, as well as how much of each product has been sold or left unsold. You can also see which products are doing well, which ones aren’t selling as well and which ones are losing money for you.

Easy to use Interface

If a restaurant POS system is going to be successful in your market, it must have an easy-to-use interface. The user experience should be simple and intuitive, so that even non-tech savvy people can use it successfully.

Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program is a fantastic way to retain customers and reward them for their business. It can also be used to give discounts, track spending habits and more. Customer loyalty programs allow you to gather data on your customers by analyzing how much they spend on specific items or brands of food at your restaurant. This information helps you understand what kind of products are most popular among your clients so that when it comes time for a promotion campaign (like a coupon), you’ll be able get the most bang out of the buck!

Kitchen Display Systems

The kitchen display systems are a great way to show off your restaurant’s food. These systems give you the ability to display orders and specials, as well as daily specials and menu items. You can also show customers their order status on the screen so that they know exactly what’s happening with their order at any given time.

Integrations with other Business systems

  • Integrations with other business systems.
  • Integrations with accounting software.
  • Integrations with payroll software.
  • Integrations with email marketing software and social media management platforms, as well as point of sale terminals (POS).


It’s important to consider all of these features when choosing a POS system for your restaurant. The key is to find a restaurant POS software Dubai that works for you, and that will keep your business running smoothly.


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