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4 Amazing Bhutan Airports For You To Have Smooth Journey

Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, attracts visitors from all over the world. Bhutan, also known as the Buddhist temple, is the happiest and the only carbon-negative country on the planet. It is well-known for its numerous monasteries, temples, forts, and ruins, as well as its rich culture and enchanting Himalayan landscapes. Bhutan flights are available at reasonable prices from a few Bhutan airports to accommodate the country’s many visitors.

If flying from India, Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal is the closest airport to Bhutan. When booked in advance, India’s average Bhutan air ticket price is around INR 8,000-10,000.

Bhutan Airports: A Complete Directory

If you plan a trip to Bhutan, you should look into all of the airports in Bhutan and where they are located so that you can easily travel throughout the country. The four most important airports in Bhutan for your travel needs are the following.

1. Airport Of Paro

Bhutan’s Paro International Airport is located in Paro, a valley town in Bhutan, and is the country’s only international airport. It’s not far from town. The airport opened in 1968 and has only one runway and one terminal. If you want to visit Ha, Tsirang, Chirang, Chhukha, and Daga, the Paro airport is a good starting point.

2. Bathpalathang: Bhutan Airport

In 2011, Jakar’s airport was finish constructing. Bhutan’s newest airport is Bathpalathang Airport. Prior to being halted in 2012 and recently resumed, the flights initially is limited to Paro. It makes locals’ journeys much easier. The two main airlines that operate here are Bhutan Airlines, which flies to and from Thimphu/Paro, and Druk Air, which flies to Paro and Gelephu.

3. Yonphulla 

Yongphulla Airport, one of Bhutan’s domestic airports, was build in 2010 and is located near Trashigang in the Trashigang district. Indian army built this airport in the 1960s with only one airstrip, mostly unused. The airport was not reopened for use until the 2010s.

4. Gelephu 

This airport is located in Samtenling, Gewog, near the town of Gelephu in the Sarpang district. . The airport was built in 2008 to become an international airport, but due to financial and logistical constraints, it only operated intermittently until it began regularly operating in 2017. Druk Air is the airport’s sole tenant, flying to and from Paro and Jakar. If you’re flying to those cities or nearby towns, this airport can serve as your boarding and landing point.

It determined to be uneconomic, flights were resumed in the long run in November 2017 with budgetary assistance from the Royal Bhutanese Government.

The airport only has one plane, Druk Air, which flies to and from Paro and Jakar. If you’re planning a trip to those cities or neighboring towns, you could use this airplane terminal as your loading/landing point.

Now that you’re familiar with Bhutan’s domestic and international airports, you’ll find it easier to plan your trip. Begin planning your dream trip to Bhutan travel today with the best Bhutan tour operators who offer the best services. Locate the one that is registered to avoid problems in the future. Have an amazing time with your loved one.

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