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4 Common Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia

You may be familiar with hip dysplasia in dogs if you’re a dog owner. Although some breeds are more susceptible than others to this health issue, any dog can be affected, even mixed breeds.

This article will walk you through the most common signs of hip dysplasia and help you identify them. This information will help you determine if your veterinarian should be consulted about this health issue.

What is Hip Dysplasia?

It is one of the most common orthopedic conditions in dogs, is a very common condition. This condition is most common in large and giant breeds of dogs such as the Giant Schnauzer, Cane Corso and Standard Poodles.

However, it can affect other small dogs and cats especially the ones that involves in strenuous games or exercise

It refers to abnormal growth and development in the hip joint. The hip joint is “ball and socket”. The ball is the head and base of the femur. The socket is a part of the acetabulum, or pelvic bone. The socket is normally a tight fit between the head and acetabulum of the femur. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the joint doesn’t fit snugly together, which can lead to instability. The joint may sub luxate, or move around in the socket. As early as one-year-old, this could lead to severe arthritis and cartilage damage in dogs.

Common Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia


Hip dysplasia is often associated with lethargy. Dogs with this health issue often have difficulty standing up and moving around. This causes them to become lethargic, and they are less likely to get up to do more than necessary.

However, lethargy can also be a sign of other conditions that could affect your dog. You should consult your veterinarian if this is the only sign you see.

Difficulty in Moving

It may also be reflected in your dog’s ability to move around. This condition can cause difficulty for dogs to get out of bed, and they may have problems running, jumping or climbing stairs.

It can also indicate arthritis. Talk to your vet if you notice any of these symptoms in your dog. A more thorough exam may be necessary before you can diagnose the problem.

Hind End Lameness

It is indicated by hind end lameness. This condition can cause your dog’s back to become more difficult to move and sometimes even become immobile.

It is possible that the appearance of lameness at the hind end does not occur until later stages in hip dysplasia. It is possible that your dog has already shown signs of hip dysplasia in the beginning stages. Although hind end lameness can be caused by many conditions, it should be checked by a veterinarian.

Stiffness and pain

If your dog has hip dysplasia, he or she may experience stiffness and pain. He may not be able to move, but he might feel stiff and take some time to get up from his bed.

As the pain worsens, your dog might start to protect their hips or legs. This health issue can be diagnosed if your dog is reluctant to let you touch his legs or his hind end, or if you see aggression or fear when you attempt to pet him.

Diagnostics for Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia diagnosis is primarily about diagnosing hip laxity. It also assesses the severity of degenerative joint disease. The most important tool for diagnosing it is palpation. This involves careful manipulation of the hip. When trying to determine the progression of hip dysplasia, radiographs (x-rays) can be very useful.

Hip dysplasia can be managed with medication, supplements or other therapies. These are known as conservative treatments and are the best options for older dogs or those who aren’t candidates for surgery. These patients may also benefit from Physical Rehabilitation to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Talk to your primary vet immediately if you think your dog might be suffering from hip dysplasia. To Learn more about your pets health you can read more about pets here

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