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5 Advanced Excel Skills you need to know

Excel is an important, in-demand skill in multiple industries. Advanced Excel skills include the capability to produce graphs and tables, efficiently use spreadsheets, and perform calculations and automation to process large volumes of data. With the rise of big data and data analytics, advanced Excel skills are a real asset both during everyday work tasks and job hunts. Whether you are considering a career in data analytics or looking to enhance your skills on the job, Advanced Excel Training Institute in Gurgaon will help you prepare for a variety of promising roles.

Advanced Excel Skills you need to know

Excel Skill 1: Statistical Modeling

Excel provides a specialized toolkit allowing you to perform statistical modelling inside the popular spreadsheet program. These kinds of diverse applications are exactly why Excel skills remain relevant in the job market. The advanced Excel formulas involved in producing statistical models and performing advanced data analytics allow you to perform meaningful statistical analyses and produce useful models. Excel’s statistical modelling functions include tools to create histograms, generate random numbers, measure for rank and percentile, find correlations between data sets, perform regression, and assess sampling. Using Excel to perform statistical modelling can further reduce human errors sometimes involving statistical analysis.

Excel Skill 2: Forecasting and Prediction

If you have historical and time-based data, you can use advanced Excel functions to develop forecasts and predictions of future performance. You can develop this data at higher and lower confidence levels for different degrees of probability.  Further, this can be important for businesses aiming to forecast growth. Especially in their sales efforts, predicting stock trajectories, or understanding changes in the economy.

Excel Skill 3: Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are certainly one of the best-known and more powerful advanced Excel skills. Moreover, they can automatically give you quick summaries of the data in a massive Excel spreadsheet by matching data. Moreover, with pivot tables, you may remove the need for individual formulas in producing meaningful data analysis. This is one of the most important Excel skills for employers because of its versatility and efficiency. After you have mastered these advanced Excel functions, you can develop a pivot table in less than a minute. Whether you have only a few rows of data or thousands of rows of information available. You can develop the specific fields to address in the table, remove duplicates, count entries and provide a range of assessments of your data.

Excel Skill 4: VBA and Macros

Visual Basic for Applications in Office (VBA) is a powerful, simple programming language by Microsoft. It extends and automates the abilities of Excel and other Office software. VBA is useful in automating any function that you can perform in Excel. And further allows you to save the resulting code as a macro to use repetitively. Which can also dramatically ramp up efficiency and output. When you have repetitive tasks or need to clean data across a range of spreadsheets.

Excel Skill 5: Model Historic Stock Trends

Excel allows a stock data type made specifically to pull in present and historical stock performance data. By modelling variations of a stock and the instruments. Basically, like derivatives, you can receive a representation of the stock’s valuation at present and over time. By using the stock data type, you can bring in existing prices. As well as the company name, the number of employees, and other key data to perform stock modelling. Further, the advanced Excel function STOCKHISTORY allows access to historical data dynamically.


There are multiple ways to learn advanced Excel skills. Your ideal learning model will certainly depend on your professional timeline, your developmental needs, and your existing knowledge. There are many advantages to learning Excel skills through Advanced Excel Training in Delhi by knowledgeable instructors, positioning you to pursue an exciting new job in the field. It also simulates real-world scenarios and teaches key skills quickly yet effectively.

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