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5 high-demand general labour jobs in Canada

The definition of general labour varies slightly depending on who you ask, but one thing is certain — there are plenty of general labour jobs available in Canada. According to Indeed Canada’s job search engine, the top five most-searched general labour jobs in Canada include equipment operator, delivery driver, home care worker, machinist and cleaner/janitor. So what do these jobs entail? Let’s take a closer look at each one…

1) Warehouse worker

Warehouse workers are often the first point of contact for those sending and receiving items. They pack and unpack boxes, load trucks, perform inventory management duties, and more. Warehouse workers often work with a team to keep things flowing smoothly, so being able to work with others is key to success. Warehouse work is always physically demanding, but there are many different types of warehouse jobs that offer different levels of physical demand.

2) Construction labourer

Construction labourer is a category of labourers who are responsible for carrying out construction work. Construction labourers usually do not require any education or experience to start working as they only need to be physically fit and have an interest in construction work. With the ever-increasing demand for new constructions, finding a good construction labourer is never going to be a problem.

3) Manufacturing labourer

Manufacturing labourers work on a production line and perform tasks such as assembly, quality control, packaging, and loading and unloading of finished products. A manufacturing labourer may be required to work with machinery or heavy equipment at this job. Packers and movers are responsible for packing items for shipping or moving, such as packing fragile items with bubble wrap or making sure fragile objects are packed last. Forklift operators generally need to have a forklift licence before they can operate one of these vehicles.

4) Forklift operator

A forklift operator is responsible for loading and unloading materials. Forklifts are used to move heavy products and can be found in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and more. As a forklift operator, you will need some training but the job doesn’t require a degree or certification. You should also have good customer service skills and attention to detail.

Forklift operators typically work full-time hours, which means that their schedule is set from week to week and they won’t need to work weekends or nights as often as other occupations may demand. The average hourly wage of a forklift operator in Canada is $14/hour with an annual salary of around $29k per year (2015).

5) Recycling and garbage collector

Recycling and garbage collector – The recycling and garbage collector is responsible for sorting recyclable goods from the rest of the waste, as well as disposing of non-recyclable goods. The recycling and garbage collector is usually paid by the number of loads collected each day, which usually work on a shift system. Packers and movers in Canada – These workers are responsible for packing items into boxes to be shipped to another location. Some employers provide their packers and movers with an estimate of how many items will need to be packed within the time frame specified. In this case, it may not matter how many hours per week the worker works; instead, they would get paid according to how much they have packed over that period of time. Forklift operator – General labour jobs in Canada is someone who operates a forklift machine to move materials around warehouses or industrial areas.

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