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5 Questions to Ask When Looking for an international preschool in Japan

The preschool years are the golden years for a child that lay the foundation for their overall development and growth. A preschool is a place where children are allowed to play as well as learn basic life skills.


Considering the fact that most parents these days are working, preschools are assuming great importance. But choosing the right one from so many available options can be challenging. Here are a few questions to ponder over.


Questions to consider before selecting an international preschool in Japan? 


  1. What is the curriculum based on?


It’s important that parents look for a discovery-based program, rather than the one that is primarily focused on drill and practice skills. In choosing a international preschool program that is best for their little one, parents should consider the level of openness between the school and parents. 


It’s important that schools maintain an open communication through regular parent-teachers meetings and provide feedback regarding the child’s daily routines and development.

  1. What is the qualification and experience of the teachers and staff?


Every parent must ensure that their child’s preschool teacher is experienced and qualified. A preschool teacher should possibly have at least a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Parents must also ask about their training and experience working with young children and should understand how children grow and develop.

The teachers and staff of international school Japan should also be certified in first aid and CPR. Also, it’s necessary to know how committed, caring, and dedicated they are to the development of the kids.

  1. Are there active play opportunities to develop gross motor skills?


A preschool should offer plenty of opportunities for a child’s active play. Physical activity is critical to a child’s gross motor skills development and to promote health and well-being. It is important that children have daily exposure to fine motor activities, such as snipping paper strips, stringing beads, and pre-writing activities such as scribbling in shaving cream. 

Regular exposure to these tasks develops the hand skills that kids will need in kindergarten.

  1. Are snacks and meals provided in the school?


If the preschool provides snacks and meals, parents should inquire whether the food being served is nutritious and well-balanced. Check if the snacks are healthy, if children are allowed to go to the restroom or wash hands before the meal.

Will the children be required to use table manners, and will they have to eat everything on their plates? Can the kids interact while eating? Children should have the chance to socialize during snacks and meals.

  1. How is discipline handled in the classroom?


It’s important for parents to know what discipline approach the teacher takes when conflicts occur or problem behaviors arise among the students. Ideally, a positive redirection should be the first course of action, with strategies such as a cool-down time when redirection does not settle the situation. 


Ensure there is a tone of respect between children and teachers. The teachers of international school Japan should acknowledge preschool children’s emotions and show empathy as they experience the ups and downs on a typical preschool day.



All the foundational skills learnt in preschool will have an impact on the child’s schooling career and education. Thus, it is very important for parents to consider the above questions while picking the preschool that is best for their child.

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