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5 Reasons why You May Need an EKG Testing

Getting an EKG test allows doctors to identify any effect on your heart. Failure to detect heart complications in time results could be fatal or life-threatening. The symptoms that come with heart failure are chest pain, irregular heart rhythmand breathing difficulties. If you realize these symptoms, you should consult your cardiologist to know whether you need an EKG urgent care test. You also need to take a regular EKG test if you have a family history of heart failure. 

Many healthcare facilities, including Wilmington urgent care clinics, offer this test. An obese person is prone to heart failure. Therefore, it is essential to visit an urgent care clinic to get an EKG test. You may need to go for an EKG test for various reasons. Keep on reading this article for the benefits of getting an EKG test.

An EKG, urgent care test, allows the doctor to monitor or diagnose the condition by recording pulses from contractions in various areas of the heart. While performing an EKG urgent care clinic, a critical care technician will patch several electrodes in particular body areas. These electrodes are safe, and you don’t need to worry about the risk of getting electrocuted during the test. They are only meant to measure electric currents flowing through the heart. These areas include the arm, legs, and chest. These electrodes are linked to the EKG machine that measures the heart’s electric flow, interprets, and then relays results. 

Vital reasons for having an EKG test 

To know what is causing chest pains

Not all chest pains are signs of heart failure. Some may be due to a respiratory disease or an infection. However, if the chest pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, irregular heart rhythm, and palpitations, there is a high chance of heart failure. Other symptoms include tiredness, dizziness, and fainting. Since one of the signs of heart failure is chest pain, the doctor may ask the patient to take an urgent EKG test to rule out failure. 

To identify irregular heart rhythms

Another reason the doctor may request you get an EKG test is to check for irregular heart rhythm. An irregular heart rhythm may result in heart failure. The heart comprises powerful muscles that pump blood throughout the body. If there is an irregular heart rhythm, the doctor will ask you to take an ECG test. A test may suggest that you are suffering from a heart condition. Once the problem is identified, the doctor may suggest effective treatments. 

To check whether the implanted pacemaker is working well

An EKG test is also essential because it allows a cardiologist to monitor the pacemaker, which is also used to treat a heart condition. The test will indicate whether there is progress or whether another treatment plan is necessary. A person with a heart condition may need surgery to rectify the situation. The pacemaker also helps you to Regulate the heart’s rhythm. To know how well certain heart medicines are working. It can also help trace the heart’s functions to know if there are changes.

Side effects of an electrocardiogram

Once the electrode patches are removed, the area may have marks. This may end up causing skin irritations on the skin, causing false results. If you are 65 years and above, going for EKG tests helps the doctor know whether you are suffering from a heart condition. Much older people are prone to heart failure because most of their organs have started to weaken. Other conditions that may interfere with an EKG test results. They include:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Moving while in bed, the test is still going on 
  • Body fluids that may build up 
  • Certain medications


Heart issues may be fatal when ignored. It is the most critical organ in the body because it supplies the body with blood, which is the body fuel that runs the body. The doctor may ask you to get an ECG test to detect heart defects. ECG tests are safe, and there is no risk of getting electrocuted. You should also get an EKG urgent care test if you develop chest pains such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, tiredness, palpitations, and irregular heartbeat. In case of any condition, the doctor may suggest effective treatments. 

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