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5 Tips To Improve Your Low Libido

Sexual desire generally decreases with age, and low libido is a common problem faced by men over 60 years. It is, however, a bigger problem when a young man feels a lack of sexual desire.

Younger men report sexual dysfunctions, and low libido is one of them. Lack of sexual desire could be a phase and might get back with time. If the problem persists, talk to a sexologist online if possible.

For a sexologist to know, loss of interest in sexual intimacy can point to severe issues, which could be physical or psychological. Rejecting physical intimacy over and over can damage your partner, which is bound to cause a bumpy ride for both.

There is no good reason to suffer in silence. The treatment of low libido in males is possible with the help of a good sexologist. Several low-libido treatment options are available that can help revive your sex life.

5 Tips To Improve Your Low Libido


Ignite passion – Working on a relationship is the only way to improve it. Hard work will pay off. Communicate and let the other person know how you truly feel. Be genuine and open the channels of conversation.

Make efforts to go on a date, plan a holiday, and romanticize in different ways. Give utmost importance to the foreplay and build up passion.

Lifestyle choices – Binge on healthy snacks rather than packaged foods and fries. Incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish into your diet. Take a balance of macro nutrients and micro nutrients. Ingest more simple and whole foods that are high in fiber. A well-balanced diet will make you more active. 

Cut back on alcohol as excessive alcohol consumption is known to cause testosterone imbalance. It also slows the reflexes and decreases stamina. Stop smoking as it will affect sexual health.

Exercise – Physical exercise is the requirement to keep your body moving, and it makes you stay fitter and resolves sexual dysfunction. Include different forms of exercise like endurance activities such as swimming, biking, walking, and other aerobic exercises. 

Improve strength by weight lifting and push-ups. Work on your flexibility with the help of different forms of exercise. Inculcate the habit of exercising for 40 minutes every day. 

Stress – Focus on improving the work-life balance. Try to avoid stressing too much about work or other things. Maintain a positive approach towards life.

Give more importance to your relationships than to worldly things. Sleep properly for around 6-8 hours every day. Inadequate sleep can trigger stress hormones, and it can cause a hormone imbalance that negatively affects the libido. 

Supplements – Have aphrodisiac food items like chocolate, herbs, figs, and bananas. These foods can increase the levels of serotonin and can work by uplifting the mood.

Watermelons are high on L-citrulline, which can also help improve libido. Caffeine can increase blood supply and enhance sexual performance. Ginseng has also proven its merits for men’s sexual wellness.

Several low-libido treatment options are natural and effective. 

Bottom Line


You can overcome the loss of libido with these simple tips. Sexual intimacy is a mix of different factors, and it is vital to work on each aspect to get the desired results. If you are reluctant to visit a doctor, you can always talk to a sexologist online.

A sexologist will guide you and break the concept to make it easier for you to comprehend. Lack of sexual intimacy can make your relationship hollow and fragile, affecting your mental health and lowering your self-esteem. Do not live under the impression you have been taught. Sexual dysfunctions are normal, and experts are available to help you through the journey. 

A sexologist can provide treatment for low libido in males. A doctor will advise medicines or hormones depending on the case. Psychological aid works for patients suffering from anxiety or depression. Other mental illnesses can also cause low libido. A therapist helps combat such conditions and helps get back on track.

If the low libido is due to an underlying chronic disorder, a sexologist helps treat the condition first. Most patients witness improvement with suitable treatment. 

Various low-libido treatment options can help you attain a healthy sex life. A holistic approach adopted by sexologists at Men’s Wellness Clinic can help you in every aspect and live a healthy life. 

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