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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Steuerberater Wien

Filing taxes can be complicated, especially when you are clueless about how taxes work. Whether it’s your personal or business tax filing, a minor mistake can lead to major consequences that can land you in legal trouble. Therefore, it is essential to hire a Steuerberater Wien who can help file your taxes and save money while doing so. Most people file taxes at the end of the financial year and often make mistakes that reflect poorly on their tax profile. It’s not advisable to file your taxes in a hurry as it can lead to mistakes in filing. Therefore you must take your time in tax filing and choose the right tax consultant to file your taxes. It would give your tax consultant enough time to thoroughly evaluate your tax portfolio, income and savings before making the decisions about your tax filing. Based on your past tax history, tax portfolio, investments, expenses, savings and income sources, they can recommend to you the proper ways to manage your tax filing effectively.  

Hiring a steuerberater can be challenging, as many qualified professionals are out there. Then how do you find the right consultant? The answer is asking the right questions. When you know what you want, you can ask the right question to help you find the best tax consultant. To help you make that happen, here are 6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Steuerberater Wien. 


How much experience do you have? 

Experience makes a lot of difference in tax filing. You don’t want an inexperienced individual to do your tax filing. It would lead to problems that they won’t be able to solve as they don’t have the right expertise. Therefore you should always confirm whether the consultant you plan to hire should have the necessary knowledge, skills and credibility to do what they claim.  

An experienced tax consultant would know the ins and outs of various tax laws and government guidelines. They would recommend the best practices and tips to help you save money on your tax filing and other tax proceedings. Their experience prepares them to deal with various kinds of tax filing cases and allows them to deal with the most common tax problems that occur during tax filing.  


What services do you provide? 

It’s essential to ask your consultant about what range of tax filing services they provide. If you run a small business, you need someone who is an expert in business tax filing and company compliance and should have extensive knowledge of government rules and guidelines about business tax filing.  

People frequently advise hiring certified public accountants rather than enrolled agents since CPAs must meet more stringent certification standards. Enrolled agents get certified by the federal government specifically to handle taxes and are frequently former IRS agents with substantial expertise in dealing with audits. CPAs are state-certified and have training in areas like financial planning and bookkeeping. They have substantial inside knowledge of how the IRS operates because they have formerly worked there. A CPA, on the other hand, is more likely to know about more complex financial planning. Rather than emphasizing the certifications, it’s always good to check how their experience is relevant to what you need and how it can benefit your business.  


How do you charge for your services? 

It’s crucial to ask the tax consultant about what type of payment method they prefer for their services. Some tax consultants and accountants charge by the hour; others bill at a flat rate. An hourly rate might be better if you want a more thorough insight into your bookkeeping because you won’t have as much continuity for the accountant. Regardless of the payment approach, it’s best to get an estimate of an accountant’s likely fees. That way, you can decide whether to go ahead with them or not. You can provide a copy of your tax returns from the previous year so the consultant can go through them before giving you an estimate. 

A little research can also help find the common billing rates for tax consultants. You can research online or ask your family, friends and colleagues how much they pay their tax accountants for their services. That way, you can make a realistic estimate of your payments and save substantial money on the consultant charges.  

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Do you have client testimonials or reviews from other clients? 

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to assess a professional’s or business’s service quality. As genuine clients provide testimonials and reviews, you can have more insights into how the tax accountant works, how much they charge, what approach they take when working and how professional they are. You can look for reviews on the business listing sites or their official website. Many modern tax consultants and tax filing girls also have social media accounts. You can check them to find out more about them.  


Are you available year-round? 

As most people file their taxes at the end of the financial year, many tax consultants and firms are unavailable after the tax filing season. But if you are a small business that operates year-round and needs regular tax filing services, you need to check whether the tax consultant offers their services throughout the year or not. If any tax filing problem arises, you should be able to call your consultant and take the necessary actions to deal with the issues before it leads to any major mishap. 


How do you manage your work while working with multiple clients? 

Though all consultants work for multiple clients, they should not be biased when providing their expertise and attention to all of them. Consultants and accountants often fall short when providing their services to multiple clients. Therefore you should ask them how they work under pressure as the tax filing season brings down the hailstorm of tax returns for all clients simultaneously.  

Choosing the right Steuerberater Wien is essential as it can save you from tax problems and help you save money. Asking the accountant or tax consultant questions can help you choose the right person for the job and make your money worth it.  

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