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6 Tips for Stunning and Good-Looking Party Table


In Botswana, there’s always an occasion to celebrate, whether it’s a wedding proposal on our patio, a meteor shower in the summer, or the harvest. We take great delight in producing dinners, events, and sampling occasions that are memorable. Our attention to each and every detail is one factor that makes events in Botswana unique. The event’s center table is significant; thus, picking the greatest burgundy glass for your party table is crucial. It’s a challenging effort to ensure that our events—parties, lunches, dinners, and private tastings- capture wine country’s gracious hospitality; in ways, you’ll want to reproduce at home. Although this method requires work, it is not insurmountable. If you bear a few ideas in mind, you may replicate our style at your gatherings.

Recover casual elegance

People frequently associate the word “casual” with a party. We do, however, want a certain level of formality and refinement. Simple table settings might be embellished with corks to designate allocated seats in an outdoor dining area. Another option is to locate an Instagram-worthy centerpiece that is just a stunning bowl of ripe, in-season fruit, like pears and pomegranates, and good wine glasses. It reminds you of relaxed elegance.

Select a theme

When organizing a party, deciding on a theme or idea that will run throughout the event is helpful. For instance, you organized every detail of our Starlight Dinner around a stargazing theme in order to coincide with the Perseid meteor shower. That required choosing décor items inspired by the sky, stars, and planets. You should utilize blue tablecloths as black as the night sky and strung LED lights along burlap runners to resemble stars.

Adopt seasonality

When decorating for a party, I try to use local flowers that are in bloom at the time of the event; if you follow the seasons, you can be sure that the flowers you choose will be of greater quality and have a longer lifespan. Decorate your handmade flower pot with various dahlia, rose, sunflower, hydrangea, and other flower varieties. Use tougher foliage and foraged plants, such as tree moss, branches, and leaves, during the fall and winter. On-the-vine fruits and vegetables can also serve as the centerpiece of a meal. Always incorporate a cluster of cherry tomatoes on the vine into each guest’s wine glass.

Awareness of décor

Everyone always wants the tablescapes to appear to have been casually put together. That necessitates maintaining a minimal décor. Centerpieces are prone to be overanalyzed or handled excessively. On the dining room table, don’t be scared to arrange just four bud vases in a row; it looks extremely tidy and understated. It may also be startling. The most vintage décor elements are frequently in front of you, in your yard, or by the side of the road.

A classic example is magnolia leaves. Because they are huge, durable, and keep their form and freshness for days, they are enjoyable to deal with. In addition to being free, leaves and branches work well as filler in flower arrangements. To get the natural wine country aesthetic, just put clusters of magnolia leaves down the middle of the table like a runner, add a few votive lights, and use gardenia blossoms floating in a bowl of water as the centerpiece.

Color palettes

Use a monochromatic color scheme to make another aspect stand out. This might seem a little point, but once a color is chosen, the rest of the choices are straightforward. Parties are a great place to experiment with decor because it’s non-committal, and you’ll get lots of feedback. For example, the notion of breaking expectations is dressing a late-night party in yellow or covering the breakfast table in black. For the tablecloth or other décor, experiment with strong graphic designs.

Combine the old and the modern

Doing the unexpected work in styling is a wonderful concept for informal garden parties and more formal summer soirees. The ideal time to start with this is when picking out the dinnerware and crockery like burgundy glass, plates, spoons, etc. Using a combination of historical and contemporary pieces is crucial here. Although it can seem challenging, this is very simple to learn and adds a fun, stylish aspect to the design.


A nicely set table may elevate any event. At large parties, tablecloths, center pieces, and other decorations are essential. Tables don’t look all that fascinating by themselves, but when you add a tablecloth, some candles, a handmade flower pot filled with flowers, and a delicious dinner, they take on a magical quality. Party is the time to showcase your talent through table decorations. Ideally, people will talk about the company or event for years. The most ordinary gathering may become much more spectacular with the correct table décor.

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