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7 Commercial Electrician Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Commercial electrician services aren’t just limited to electrical contractors and the residential market, there are plenty of small businesses that need commercial electrician services as well. It’s important to know when you do and don’t need commercial electrician services, as well as what to look for in a professional electrician if you decide you need one after all. Here are some of the most common types of commercial electrician services and how they can help your business succeed.


#1 Electrical Inspections

Whether you’re opening a new retail store or undergoing a substantial renovation, electrical inspections will identify and outline possible problems. Your local electrician can advise you about your business’s building requirements and electrical infrastructure needs. Even if your existing wiring is working fine now, an inspection can help prevent future problems that might threaten customers or even result in lost business. Additionally, inspections are important to ensure fire alarm systems are correctly wired. In many areas, it’s also required by law to perform annual inspections. It’s best to get on top of things right away rather than risk losing out on clients—or worse—due to code violations. The same goes for any upgrades; often a simple consultation with your local commercial electrician services provider will tell you what work needs done now as opposed to later.


#2 Electrical Retrofits

A versatile electrician can update your business’ outdated electrical system by replacing old wiring with new, more efficient models. Not only will you save money on your utility bills, but you’ll also get a better response from lighting fixtures and other electrical devices in areas like break rooms and meeting rooms. Since this is such an involved process, it’s best to work with a commercial electrician who has plenty of experience and an excellent track record. In fact, making sure that you choose a licensed commercial electricist will help guarantee that all state codes are followed in order to pass inspections.


#3 Rewiring

One of your biggest initial expenses is likely to be rewiring. A lot of existing equipment won’t be compatible with newer systems, which means that every light fixture and outlet has to be replaced. That’s a huge expense, but it’ll get easier as you go along because you can just work on upgrading one section at a time. And in case you haven’t thought about it before now: Don’t try to do all of these upgrades yourself! It can be dangerous and expensive (not to mention illegal). Hire an electrician so that you don’t have to worry about injury or running afoul of code violations by improperly tapping into power sources or working without permits.


#4 Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Systems

Most companies’ bottom lines could use a little extra protection. Though security lighting isn’t as exciting as, say, adding a coffee machine to your workspace or giving employees unlimited vacation days, it can be just as valuable for your company and its employees. Not only will well-lit parking lots deter thieves and vandals, they’ll also help prevent accidents and injuries during inclement weather or at night. To stay on top of your electricians services’ needs while also saving money, make sure you keep up with a regular security lighting schedule instead of trying to fix what happens to be broken or damaged at that particular time.


#5 Generator Installation

The power grid isn’t always dependable, so it’s a good idea to have backup plan—preferably one that doesn’t involve hours of hand-crank antics. That’s where generator installation comes in. Installing your own generator could potentially save you a ton of money on your monthly electric bill; generators are also a good way to guard against power outages that could otherwise interfere with your business operations. If you know anyone who has ever had to rely on an emergency generator, they can attest that installing a backup power source is important for making sure critical operations continue without interruption.


#6 Security Lighting System Wiring

Circuit breakers are an excellent way to protect your facility from electrical fires, but occasionally they malfunction or become worn out. If your circuit breaker is more than five years old, it’s time for a replacement. If you’re worried about how to select a new circuit breaker without overloading your circuit panel, consult an electrician before making any hasty decisions. Making a big mistake could cause major damage to your property and put employees at risk. A well-placed call could save you thousands in fire damage down the line and potentially keep people safe!


#7 Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Circuit breaker upgrades provide one of the most important commercial electrician services. Many businesses and institutions, particularly older buildings, rely on equipment that requires voltage for optimal performance. But most circuits were designed only to handle a certain amount of power. If too much energy flows through a circuit, it overheats and can cause fires or blow out completely. By installing circuit breakers with higher energy ratings than what is required for your building’s major systems, you not only prevent fires from starting but also ensure those systems run properly. For example, if you replace all 10 of your 15-amp circuits with 20-amp breakers, you can add more devices to each circuit without overloading any one part of it.

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