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7 General Labour Jobs in Canada That are In-Demand Right Now

General labour jobs in Canada can be incredibly varied and cover many different industries.

From health care to construction and everything in between.

These jobs can often require only one specific skill set or they can require specific skills.

Experience, depending on the type of company that you are applying to work for.

Here are 7 general labour jobs in Canada that are in demand right now!

1) Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers maintain a warehouse’s inventory. They may pack and ship products, assemble orders, or provide other services. It is important to be able to lift heavy objects and work at heights. Forklift operators also need some of the same skills, but they spend more time driving a forklift truck around the warehouse than doing manual labour tasks. Canada cleaners clean up after the workforce leaves for the day, including vacuuming, mopping, and other general cleaning tasks.

2) Construction Worker

Forklift operators, for example, help move heavy materials or equipment. Canada cleaners, on the other hand, keep work environments clean and tidy. If you’re looking for a general labour job in Canada that will pay your bills and offer stability, these might be good options to consider.

3) Manufacturing Worker

  1. Manufacturing Worker The manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in Canada, and it’s a great place to work for someone who wants to learn different skills. Manufacturing workers do everything from assembling products, packaging goods, and packing things like bags or boxes. You’ll typically need a high school diploma and some previous experience to be considered for this position.
  2. Forklift Operator, There are many forklift operator positions available across Canada.

4) Janitorial and Cleaning Worker

Janitorial and cleaning workers clean office, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. They perform a variety of duties including dusting, sweeping and vacuuming floors; emptying wastebaskets; scrubbing toilets; removing stains from upholstery or carpets. They also use chemicals to clean windows and may have to move furniture. Janitorial and cleaning workers often operate a variety of heavy machineries like vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, steamers, scrubbers or carpet shampooers.

5) Food and Beverage Processing Worker

If you’re looking for a general labour job, Canada has a few options. You can work as a food and beverage processing worker by cleaning and sanitizing machineries such as coffee grinders, blenders, conveyor belts, and sieves. A forklift operator must load boxes onto the right pallet so they can be shipped out of the warehouse. Canada cleaners offer specialized services that include vacuuming, dusting furniture, mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms.

6) Recycling and Waste Management Worker

Some of the General labour jobs in Canada that are in demand right now include recycling and waste management worker, forklift operator, and Canada cleaners. A recycling and waste management worker will work with recycling companies to collect recyclables from businesses, schools, hospitals, municipalities, or other places where they have been deposited. A forklift operator will pick up and deliver boxes on a warehouse floor by driving a truck that has been customized to accommodate large loads.

7) Agricultural Worker

Agricultural workers play a key role by tending and harvesting crops from fields. The job is physically demanding, but pays well and offers long-term employment opportunities. Canada cleaners help to keep businesses clean and tidy which is an important part of keeping up with company standards. A forklift operator works closely with employees to load or unload products that need to be moved around the warehouse or transported elsewhere. This job is largely stationary, making it ideal for individuals with physical limitations.

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