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7 Ways to Enjoy Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

.Whether you’re looking to get up close and personal with exotic stingrays or enjoy the beautiful sea creatures beneath the ocean’s surface, Grand Cayman offers snorkeling excursions for all skill levels.

Stingray City

Stingray City is a string of sandbars that span Grand Cayman’s North Sound from Morgan Harbour to Rum Point. It’s a 20-minute boat ride from George Town and is located in the shallow waters of the sound’s northwest inside a natural channel that passes through the barrier reef. This sandbar is known for its friendly stingrays, which congregate to feed off of the fish scraps that local fishermen throw into the water. It’s now a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. To make the most of your visit, book a tour that offers quality stingray safety instructions and a staff member who can assist you with handling and feeding the rays. This will put you at ease and help you have the best stingray experience possible!

Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef

Snorkeling enthusiasts will love visiting Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef, which are two of the best snorkel spots in Grand Cayman. This protected area offers beautiful clear blue water, and the swath of colorful corals will enthrall snorkelers. This is also a great place to watch marine life come together at a spawning time during November. This is a sight that few people get to see as the corals engage in a synchronized ritual.

This reef is also known for coral gardening, which involves collecting fragments of coral and replanting them back into the ocean. This technique is used to restore coral reefs and make them more resilient to rising ocean temperatures. Also, tourists can explore and enjoy snorkeling in Grand Cayman near cruise port to see magnificent coral reefs.


The former submarine rescue ship USS Kittiwake was sunk off Grand Cayman in 2011 and has become an artificial reef teeming with marine life. Snorkelers will have a rare opportunity to view the ship’s topography, main deck, smoke stacks, engine rooms, and hull up close. For the adventurous, Kittiwake is also home to a unique snorkeling safari. Set off on tour to snorkel above a 252 ft wreck in pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

The Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) is the world’s only gull species that nest on cliffs. Unlike other gulls, it has evolved behavioral and structural modifications to nest on narrow cliff ledges.

Cayman Turtle Centre Lagoon

If you want to get up close and personal with turtles. You can’t miss a trip to the Cayman Turtle Centre Lagoon. This research and breeding farm raises green sea turtles and releases them into the wild to replenish their population. The turtles are a big draw here, but other attractions at the center make it fun for the whole family. You can swim in a lagoon with green sea turtles, watch sharks through the underwater or dry view panels. See and feed Caribbean birds, play in the largest swimming pool on the island, and rush down the only two-loop water slide on Cayman!

The turtle center has different entrance options, including the Exploration Tour, which costs $18 for adults and $9 for kids. It’s a great way to understand what the place offers before committing to the Turtle Adventure Tour.

Lighthouse Point

Sitting on the Intracoastal Waterway, scored with dozens of canals and brimming with marinas and charter services. It’s unsurprising that Lighthouse Point is well-loved by boaters and fishermen. Eighteen miles of pristine waterways lacing through this suburban city offer direct ocean access for almost any size boat. And if you still need to bring your own, friendly charter captains are ready to escort you on the perfect sea excursion aboard your vessel of choice: sport fishing to the luxury yacht! With a laid-back ambiance in a tree-shaded town that inspires you, Lighthouse Point is a natural oasis for anyone who needs a little zen. Plus, this charming, green escape is home to numerous parks that will delight the kids and adults at your party.

Devil’s Grotto

Devil’s Grotto is one of Grand Cayman’s most popular snorkeling spots on George Town Harbor’s south side. You’ll find a unique honeycomb coral formation and a variety of sea life in this area. There are two dive centers close by that offer scuba diving and snorkeling. Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting, Devil’s Grotto is the place to go!

Mastic Reserve

If a soft, white-sand beach with crystal clear waters perfect for frolicking in is what you’re after. Then Grand Cayman and its sister islands are your best bet. The Cayman Islands also offer various exciting activities to suit all interests. It includes world-class snorkeling and offshore scuba diving; for a unique way to experience nature in the heart of Grand Cayman. Heads to Mastic Reserve and hike its 2.3-mile trail. This restored 200-year-old footpath showcases a native mangrove swamp and a two million-year-old woodland. Surrounded by some of the island’s most colorful and rare plant life.

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