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8 Tips for Hassle-Free Shipping to Australia from the USA

How much does shipping to australia from usa cost? It depends on several factors, including the weight and size of your package, the services you choose, and how quickly you want your order to arrive at its destination. If you’re an American business owner sending products or supplies to customers in Australia, the process can seem especially daunting – especially if you haven’t done it before. But there are ways to get what you need to your customers quickly and easily, including using trusted shipping services that are both economical and customer-friendly. Here are 8 tips for stress-free shipping to Australia from the USA…

1) Avoid hidden fees with USPS

If you’re ship to australia, don’t forget that there are hidden fees. For example, USPS’ Priority International Shipping has a $50 flat fee PLUS an additional $0.85 per pound. This can quickly add up and make your budget skyrocket! There are also customs fees of about AU$47 on average (though this number varies depending on what’s being shipped). That means it might not be worth it for you to ship with USPS if you’re just sending a few small items.

2) Declare everything you can

  1. Shipping internationally can be expensive, especially when shipping to another country such as Australia. I recommend calling a freight company and asking them what they would charge you.
  2. You will need packing supplies like bubble wrap and boxes – again, contact your freight company and ask them what they have available.
  3. Decide on whether or not you are going to ship your items in bulk or one box at a time (which will also affect how much it costs).

3) Leave extra time for delivery

Shipping to Australia from the US can be a hassle at times. There are many things that need consideration when shipping packages overseas.

4) Know your seller’s return policy

Shipping is expensive, so make sure you know your seller’s return policy before you buy. You’ll want to know if there are additional costs for shipping back overseas, and when you can expect a refund. If you’re purchasing a large item such as furniture or an appliance, it might be worth checking out shipping rates ahead of time so that you can make sure they’re reasonable.

If your order doesn’t arrive in the time frame specified by your seller, give them a call and ask what they recommend.

5) Choose carefully before buying

Shipping to Australia can be expensive and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few things you should know before you buy:

  1. Know what size box you need.
  2. Know what will fit in your box.
  3. Use USPS or another service that offers tracking information and insurance. It may cost more, but it’s worth it if your package gets lost or damaged during shipping.

6) Reputable sellers are worth it

Sending a package overseas can be complicated. You have to deal with international shipping, customs, duty taxes, and more. I’ve shipped to Australia before and it was extremely complicated. It’s worth spending a little more on reputable sellers that offer shipping to australia from usa so you don’t get hit with any fees or taxes by customs.

7) Pack everything well

Pack everything well. You want your package to be in perfect condition when it reaches its destination. Pack your fragile items with bubble wrap, styrofoam, or packing peanuts. And make sure to pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top of that.

8) Don’t worry, be happy!

us to uk shipping cost can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 8 helpful tips for shipping your items without any fuss.

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