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Bir Billing Bir Billing is tiny town nestled in those mountains that make up the Dhauladhar Himalayas situated in India And Billing is the jumping point at an elevation that is 9000 feet. The paraglider flies from Billing to reach Bir. Bir-Billing is now quite well-known for adventure sport enthusiasts since it is a stunning landscape, favorable weather, and winds, with lush meadows.


Since it is in the plains, Bir is a mild climate.In the summer, it can be cozy without woolen clothing, however in winter it can get cold.Whereas In Billing there is plenty of wind all through the year and wind-cheating clothes are mandatory.


My friends and I started the journey at Bir village.I would prefer to begin at the beginning of the day as the sun shines in a variety of hues. It was the time of Holi and the day began by displaying colours within Bir village.The trek begins located on the northern-east part that runs through the village.Billing is easy to access via motor, but we decided to relax in the natural and hike to the top, where we had to take a flight back.Trek begins in rough terrain and then crosses on the main highway four times.The road is well-maintained and easy.The route can be completed within 4-5 hours, and the terrain isn’t difficult.However there is one section that is extremely steep and difficult.


We arrived at Billing around noon.Arrange the camp site and gathered wood to light the bonfire. (Please bring extra garbage bags, don’t litter and make sure you clean the area) The sunset was approaching and the sky was displaying stunning light patterns welcoming us to the 2nd highest spot on the world.Paragliding Point is a treat for amateur photographers.I snapped a few photos of the valley and sunset.We requested the assistance of the locals to cook our food for the night.After taking a break for a bit after our trek, we were exhausted. The BonFire started to light up.As we expected, a hot campfire with a hearty food and some soulful tunes were a perfect combination.


The most important day of Bir Billing Paragliding was upon us. We awoke at a very early morning.There there were no toilets however. So it was a simple nature walk through the bushes. Finally, after having a delicious breakfast, we were all set to go. Billing is, as we’ve heard, the second highest natural paragliding area on earth.



Everyone was trying to conquer the anxiety of leaping into a secluded deep gorge. We were arranging for co-pilots to jump in.

There are some good pilot and adventure companies available to rent equipment from Bir Village. Have a long talk with them to find out their abilities. Average cost per person for an auxiliary flight is around Rs.1500/- to Rs.2500/- (depending on the season and instructor). However there is no formal mechanism in sight to verify the details. harness. Helmet and a short conversation with the copilot and it was me and the sky’s vision was limitless. I was second in the queue.

It is an sequence of actions.The parachute must be used with the back extended, and the strings checked for tangle. 

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