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All You Need To Know About PSD Dog & its benefits

Psychiatric service dogs are specially trained to do particular tasks for those facing mental difficulties. People with mental health conditions like severe anxiety, phobias, and many more can have these dogs. We’ll discuss these health conditions later in this article. Let’s discuss what kind of tasks PSD Dog can perform for their human partner. These tasks are:

  1. Body contact with the owner to help lessen anxiety.
  2. Wake their owner up if they’re experiencing nightmares.
  3. To help their owners to relax when they get panic attacks.
  4. Some people can do something self-destructive when they feel anxious. PSD Dog can protect these people from that kind of situation.
  5. These dogs can also remind their owners to take medicines.

Difference between PSD Dog and ESA

  • While ESA can only comfort their owners by their presence & can’t perform any specific task for them, PSD dog is trained to perform some tasks to help their owner.
  • In the case of an ESA, any animal can be ESA. This is not the same in the case of PSD. Only a dog can be PSD.

A PSD Owner can have several privileges as PSD Owner. To get those benefits, a person should have PSD Letter. A PSD letter is a formal document that is signed and prepared by a health professional who holds a valid state license on letterhead. A PSD letter may be written by any LHMP, including a psychologist, physician, therapist, counselor, etc. 

Advantages of a PSD Letter

A patient may request a PSD letter for a dog that is already trained as a psychiatric service dog, is in the process of training, or has not yet begun training. As soon as the patient receives a PSD letter for their dog, they have legal proof that their impairment qualifies them to own a psychiatric service animal. An owner can enjoy several benefits with the aid of this psychiatric service dog prescription note, including;

  1. PSD owners can live anywhere, even if there are no pets allowed.
  2. PSD owners don’t need to pay extra charges while flying with PSD on a flight.
  3. One of the best benefits of having this letter is that a PSD Owner can go to the workplace with PSD.
  4. This letter acts as a legal document that helps a PSD Owner to go to any public places like hotels, restaurants, and malls with their PSD dog.

Thus PSD Letter makes a PSD Owner’s life easier and more comfortable.

Steps to getting Psychiatric Service Animal Letter

Here are a few steps to get Psychiatric Service Animal Letter. These steps are easy to follow, and you don’t need to go to any clinic for this.

  1. Find a PSD Letter provider online that can be trusted and apply, thereby filling in your details and your dog’s details. Hit on the apply button after filling in those details.
  2. After you submit that form, a licensed mental healthcare expert will check your details and evaluate if you can have a PSD dog for your treatment or not.
  3. After evaluation, if you are approved, you’ll get your PSD letter via email.


I'm a pet lover with 2 dogs and 1 cat. With my fine research skills, I'm able to pen down my thoughts about animals. I'm working for a company that provides ESA letter to people living in USA.

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