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Are Medical Shoes Different From Normal Shoes

What does the first word that comes to your mind after reading medical shoes? It could be, footwear manufactured for people who are suffering from foot deformity which can range from minute to extreme, Medical shoes are worn by all ages group of people whether he is an old man or a young teenager because anybody can become a victim of foot deformity, before wearing medical shoes one needs to consult an orthopedic, doctor after examining the gravity of your foot refers you the right pairs of shoes which could bring ease in the following ways.


Medical shoes give support to your feet which couldn’t be attained by wearing normal shoes. Buy shoes at discounted price by using Born Shoes coupon.


People suffering from foot swelling or deformity wear therapeutic shoes because therapeutic shoes provide comfort moreover your feet remain internally safe. If you are looking for comfortable shoes then dont forget to get Giesswein discount code dsad

Perfect size

It is normal after deformity your feet swell, not every shoe is suitable to wear after that condition, orthopedic will surely suggest shoes which will have a size equal to the size of your fit so that it could easy for you to get on and off shoes.

How medical shoes are different

Following are the qualities medical shoes must have: 

  • People suffering from foot ailment need to take this thing into consideration that shoes they are wearing must have midsole and insole torsionally strong, it doesn’t twist because it could hurt the feet of the person moreover it is round to help you walk normally.
  • Medical shoes have the characteristics that it provides sufficient space for the toe and toe to get in the shoes, so that person could feel easy and comfortable to wear, the interior design of the shoe is in such a way that it obviates rubbing and compression of the instep.
  • These shoes are available in sizes of  3 widths that are standard, wide, and extra wide due to this size people suffering from diabetes or swollen feet or deformed toes feel at ease to wear. 

Different Medical shoes 

Navis laces

  • These shoes use foot cradle technology in their midsole to give maximum relaxation to the person wearing 
  • A gel shock pad on the forefoot plays an important role in giving comfort to the deformed foot
  • For manufacturing of the outsole, they used carbon rubber outsole which provides excellent grip and durability to the shoes and it saves a person from slipping and give long life to shoes

Zoey velcro

People casually wear these shoes, this shoe has the following characteristics 

  • The person having foot issues expect to have shoes that give relief and comfort; keeping this concern Zoey Velcro is design in such a way that it has Oasis Grasp Outsole for providing more durability and cushioning, cushiony absorb shocks pounded by shoes 
  • The wearer has the option of removing the foam spacer beneath the footbed  to accommodate orthotics 


I am optimistic that my blog will enlighten those people who had before no ideas about what specifications medical shoes must have and what type of shoe will be suitable for them to wear, now they will keep all those characteristics in their mind before buying shoes.

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