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Best accounting software in Malaysia for Property Management

Accounting is one of the tasks required for today’s enterprises. This is a methodical approach to locating, gathering, reviewing, confirming, classifying, interpreting, and presenting financial information. This activity, also referred to as bookkeeping, is carried out to determine the financial and operational health of a business. There are numerous accounting types. Property management accounting is one of them. Property management accounting, which is the best accounting software in Malaysia and typically used by real estate firms, entails the precise recording and reporting of cash inflow from rent and property sales as well as outflow from land rates and operational costs. Today, computerised technologies are used by accountants to carry out this financial record keeping.


The Best 5 Accounting Programs for Property Management


1. SQL Accounting


With the digital transformation of nearly every industry, the use of SQL accounting software enables businesses of all sizes to record accounting transactions more accurately and easily. Users must download the software and fill out the necessary information, and the software will sort everything out in a short period of time.




  • Good User Interface, extremely responsive and user friendly
  • Report format is adaptable to diverse requirements
  • High quality services from their customer support
  • Equipped by 5 core modules


  • Partial Control – Due to hidden business rules, complete control is not given to the database.


Free Trial >>> SQL Account 

2. FreshBooks


1 of the best accounting software in Malaysia for property management is now available. Through a clean, user-friendly user interface, FreshBooks makes it simple to carry out business accounting. The programme is adaptable and may be used to manage different financial facets of the real estate industry. The digital instrument is rapid, safe, and easy to use.


This rental property accounting software has a number of great features, including the ability to create expert invoices and other financial documents. It can also be used to automate accounting operations including tracking the accounting period, organising expenses, invoicing, and customer follow-up. Cloud infrastructure is the foundation of FreshBooks. As a result, you can instantly and securely access it using your PC, tablet, or mobile device. Furthermore, a specific FreshBooks application allows you to access all of your property management financial data. A 30-day trial term is offered for free use of this software. You must pay to use the content in the future. Additionally, it is an excellent option for Malaysian and UK property management accounting software.


Free Trial >> Freshbooks




  • It’s simple to use.
  • This programme is adaptable and may be used effectively for property management accounting. It can provide financial papers that are reliable and qualified.
  • The programme can handle a number of accounting duties.
  • You can access financial data because it is built on cloud infrastructure from anywhere.
  • Free to test out




  • It is incompatible with other money management programmes.


3. Buildium


This accounting software programme was created with property management in mind. Buildium provides precise bookkeeping services for both small and large businesses. Every payment, charge, refund, and deposit can be recognised by the software tool and recorded. You receive access to these facts via an elegant dashboard that is simple to use. The ability to create transaction notes is a unique feature of this programme. They can be used to document unique, supplemental data.


You can use the built-in calculators when using this property accounting software. They are useful for identifying any debt you could owe your suppliers. Buildium can also transform work orders into exact bills automatically. You can then pay for them online after that. Additionally, you may set up seamless payment for all recurring goods as well as automatic bank reconciliation. A free trial is available for this accounting software. Monthly payments are necessary after it expires.


Free Trial >>> Buildium 



  • It is specifically designed for accounting in property management.
  • Numerous accounting operations can be recognised and recorded using this programme.
  • It has integrated calculators.
  • The programme automates accounting tasks to streamline the procedures.
  • You may test it out with a free trial.




  • Many of its features require payment in order to access.


4. AppFolio


This programme was created specifically for property management and makes the most of remote access to financial data. Real-time accounting information distribution is made possible by Appfolio, enabling your real estate business to expand quickly. This software programme can be used to automate numerous accounting tasks while also attracting dependable renters through a dedicated application.


You can access company KPIs, monitor building maintenance expenses, and deliver strategic financial reports to stakeholders thanks to this programme. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Appfolio is simple to use. Additionally, its features have a quick learning curve and are intuitive. A free demo of this programme is available to accountants. They can move on to the paying product after the trial period is over.




  • Based on cloud infrastructure, this programme
  • It provides real-time financial information.
  • You can use an application to control the software.
  • It automates certain accounting tasks.
  • The software’s graphical user interface gives you access to corporate metrics.
  • There is a minimal learning curve.




Its trial period is too brief.


5. Sage


Numerous accounting options for property management are offered by this programme. Sage helps improve productivity and profitability in the bookkeeping division of your real estate business. Instantaneously, this software provides business information. You may get information on your tenants’ balances, the amenities needed in your flats, and even any possible unpaid costs by checking the dashboard.


The capability of this Malaysian accounting software for rental property to manage numerous lease contracts simultaneously is a very useful feature. Sage allows you to simultaneously manage commercial, retail, and even mixed-use sites. Concessions and various lease kinds can be captured, recorded, analysed, and presented using the software. Additionally, it is capable of thorough tenant management.




  • Many different accounting chores can be carried out with this programme.
  • As soon as the information is generated, it can deliver it.
  • The programme offers an intuitive dashboard.
  • It can manage many lease contracts at once.
  • The programme can manage many property types.




  • It is not freely available.
  • Install Sage here.


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