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Best places to visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh will probably be the most exciting country you will visit at any time. There are so many places to visit in Bangladesh that attract travelers from all over the world.

All aspects of the nation can give you an alternate encounter. You can visit many of the landmarks, attend Bengali beaches, or watch assorted untamed life. Bangladesh is a place to appreciate everyone.

What should be done for the passengers? This includes anything from shopping to climbing to cruises through their waterway channels. Travel industry businesses are exceptional in many places around Bangladesh that will fill your outing with tomfoolery and excitement. You should go over any of the top objections. To learn more about Top 10 best places to visit in INDIA then click here.


Dhaka will be one of your #1 places to visit in Bangladesh. A city certainly stuns anyone who visits. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and also its largest city in both size and population.

Tourists come to Dhaka to get an idea of ​​what the urban life in Bangladesh is like. The country’s largest global airport is located in Dhaka. This is not an unexpected start for anyone visiting Bangladesh.

Touring is probably the most famous action in Dhaka. It is known as a social center due to its long history. A part of the city is subdivided into the “Old Town”. Given the various early influences on the city, there is a combination of design styles in the area.

All around Dhaka you’ll find milestones, verdant destinations, landmarks and some social scenes like the National Museum. Each of these final destinations is an incredible stop for all visitors.

After the tour, you’ll actually take part in a huge measure of shopping and widely acclaimed cooking. Dhaka is a global city, so you will have the option of seeing everything here.


Chittagong got its initial development as an important port city of Bangladesh. Actually, even today it is a very big economic city. Chittagong has now become the second largest city of Bangladesh. There is much to be found here.

Chittagong is one of the most innovative places to visit in Bangladesh which has seen the impact of a wide variety of places. Its area is located between India and Southeast Asia. It was generally accompanied by shipping lanes entering any area by sea or land. Chittagong is famous for its port. One of the most famous places in the city is the shipyard. The number of boats located here amazes everyone.

There are many different places around Chittagong that are worth visiting. There is a pass by the sea as it is a coastal town and the onlookers habitually come here to rest. You can also visit the place of worship or the famous mosque. From carnivals to simply relaxing, there are tons of parks to visit.


Bogra is the oldest city in Bangladesh. You can imagine the set of experiences you can get here. Part of the city’s major attractions is to check it out one more. It is also seen as a city of vital dire importance. The most commonly known landmarks are Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries, stupas and notable palaces of previous rulers. A significant number of these destinations are still dynamic. Few lovers actually visit Bogra.

Bogra being the most experienced city means that it is also close to some other highly verifiable places. Right outside the city you will see the reason why it is generally a treat for visitors. The old ruins called Mahasthangarh is one of the last archaeological sites in the whole country. The historical center here houses many relics of ancient civilizations.

Similarly, you can also visit any old city here. It will be an extraordinary place to see how a humble community in Bangladesh views its important urban areas. You will have the option of getting some crafted works nearby which would be perfectly suitable as gifts. If you respect culture and history then Bogra is a must visit place to visit in Bangladesh.


Comilla is a town located in the same location as Chittagong. It was thought of as possibly the most established city in Bangladesh as well as one of the largest. That’s how a city amazes its visitors. Comilla is a completely open city. It is located along all the important parkway courses around Bangladesh.

Memorable British rule covered large parts of the city. This influence is visible in the engineering and tourist spots you see here. Comilla played an important role in World War II. A ton of milestones and commemorations are committed to it. Visitors can appreciate visits to a part of the archaeological remains and sanctuaries to see a greater amount of their set of experiences.

St. Martin’s Island

One of the most ideal getaway destinations in Bangladesh that will without a doubt amaze you is St. Martin’s Island (link is out). It lies just off the coast of the central region in the Bay of Bengal. In fact, ships and small boats are the best way to get to the island. Of late, every day excursions to the island have been established following its growth in travel industry fame.

Coral reefs actually make up St. Martin’s Island. This makes it a great place for marine exercises like jumping and swimming. There is an overflow of marine life that you can spot here. One of the major exercises around there is fishing. Visitors actually participate in this purpose. The idyllic seashells make it easy to relax or hang out all night at a seaside party. No big surprise that it is one of the most mind-blowing places to visit in Bangladesh.

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Many individuals generally avoid this enchanting city that is authoritatively the third greatest city in Bangladesh with outshining 1 million occupants. An insane reality is that the authority populace number multiplied over the most recent three years!

The city is crucial for the economy of the country since it fills in as a significant port city that lays on two delightful streams – Rupsha and Bhoirob. Numerous voyagers normally go through the city while coming to dazzling Sundarbans that is a famous objective as it’s a home of Bengal tigers.

There are many spots to visit and food sources to try in Khulna that will present you with the way of life in this part of the country. 

With regards to convenience, numerous choices are going from spending plan inns to lavish lodgings.

Khulna District is popular with Bengal tigers, yet the main tiger I saw was the tiger sculpture in Khulna.

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