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Best Places to Visit in South Goa



A peaceful and serene place, South Goa Sightseeing offers you an array of sandy and exotic beaches, stunning temples and churches brimming with historical significance, glimpses of Portuguese culture, mouth-watering seafood and undiluted lush greenery and an incredibly romantic feel. 

A vacation in the southern region of Goa could easily turn into an unforgettable trip by doing two things. And exploring the most popular attractions in the area.


Have you planned the Goan trip and put all your belongings in your bag? Let you have fun. To assist you on this, we have provided a list of the best spots to go to within South Goa in no particular order.


  •  Palolem Beach, South Goa


Palolem, one of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa, welcomes visitors with its brilliant golden sand and breathtaking panoramic vistas.

The region exudes a carefree party vibe with its colourful and beautiful beach shacks and waving palm trees.


Don’t fret, there’s more.

The market on the beach at Palolem and takes place every Saturday, gives you the chance to enjoy Goa’s vibrant shopping culture.


  • Activities like Dolphin Spotting, Canoeing and Trekking. silent Discos Kayaking, Scuba dive, Turtle spotting, Yoga shopping, and much other activities.


  •  Agonda Beach, South Goa


An undiscovered or less well-known beach in the south, Agonda is beautiful at its finest.

Beautiful houses and cottages are scattered throughout this beach’s unspoiled and unspoiled coastline.

There are many additional reasons to visit Agonda because it is one of the four beaches classified as turtle nesting areas.

If you’re in a desire to unwind and get rid of all the stress head to Agonda and you’ll return a more relaxed version of you.


  • Activities like Canotoing, Dolphin Spotting Kayaking, Turtle Spotting, Water Surfing


  •  Benaulim Beach, South Goa


With a stunning coastline and sparkling sandy beaches, Benaulim gives off a romantic ambiance. From playing around on the white sand, walking along the shore to taking part in various aquatic activities, it is possible to are able to have it all at one spot. The nightlife in the beach is lively and you are sure to have a blast with your loved ones and family.


  • Activities: Snorkeling WindSurfing Parasailing Dolphin Spotting, Jet Skiing and Banana boat rides. Rowing


  •  Colva Beach, South Goa


Colva is regarded as to be the most popular among couples and families heading to South Goa for a wonderful vacation.

  • Activities include: Windsurfing, Speedboat ride, Dolphin Spotting, Jet Skiing, Snorkelling, Motorboat rides Parasailing, Water scooter and Banana boat ride


  •  Butterfly Beach, South Goa


Butterfly Beach is truly a hidden gem located in South Goa. It is a hidden paradise. semi-circular, circular bay is that you can see millions of butterflies floating across the top of the hill.


  • Activities: Boat riding Canoe riding, sunbathing and other activities.


  •  Galgibaga Beach, South Goa


Often referred to as the Turtle Beach, Galgibaga is the home of those well-protected Olive Ridley turtles. The beach is awash with people and decorated with dense pine forest. This is the ideal spot for holidaymakers on a short vacation who want to be in a quiet spot and stunning views of the sunset and peace. 


  • Activity: Turtle Watching sunbathing, swimming and other things to do.


  •  Our Lady of Remedios Church, South Goa


Our Lady of Remedios Church in Betalbatim is an old and historic site of worship that has A-one architectural style and a peaceful setting. It was founded in 1630. At night the church appears stunning and captivating as the entire area is lit.


  • Location: Fatona, Betalbatim
  • Timings: 6:00 AM to 5 pm, every day


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