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Breasts Grow Back After Reduction?


The majority of women find that having bigger breasts can occasionally be an issue. It affects posture and physical attractiveness as well as making back and neck pain worse. You have shoulder aches because your bra straps are digging into your shoulders. You may fix all of these problems by having a breast reduction in Dubai. Additionally, alleviating the excruciating muscle strain in your spinal column will help you stand more straight.

What is this Surgery?

 Breast reduction in Dubai is often referred to as reduction mammoplasty. It is carried out during surgery. Patients who undergo this therapy not only get a reduction in chest size but also have relief from back discomfort.

For a more beautiful appearance, this treatment is utilized to raise, contour, and reduce chest size. To do this, the excessive skin, fat, and tissues of the large breasts are removed, which enlarged the chest. Then, the nipples are corrected to get a better, more desirable size and form.


  • Improves the personality
  • Improves posture
  • Help in getting rid of back and neck pain 
  • Gives more clothing choices
  • Make you feel comfortable and confident
  • Decrease the size of the bust
  • It enables you to engage in physical and athletic activities(swimming, walking, running, etc) without any restrictions.
  • Your bust gets firmer as a result, and severe sagging is avoided.
  • You will be happy with the overall result.
  • It can be performed at any age

Pre-operative care:

Before getting into breast reduction in Dubai doctor will give you some instructions to follow that patients should take into consideration to avoid all kinds of discomfort during or after the procedure. 

  • Do not take blood thinners before the treatment
  • Do not smoke or take any drugs
  • Avoid drinking 2 to 3 weeks before going to the surgery
  • Get a mammography of the chest.
  • numerous laboratory tests have to be completed before the process
  • Set a meeting with your expert
  • Discuss the desired outcomes with your surgeon
  • Also, discuss your medical history in the first meeting

Are you the ideal candidate for this?

You should know that are you the ideal candidate for Breast reduction in Dubai or not. You are an ideal candidate;

  • If you are feeling any discomfort because of an oversized bust
  • Have pain in the lower part of the body, shoulder, and neck
  • Do not wear a dress comfortably
  • Have excessive fat on the chest
  • If you are expecting you can not have this surgery
  • Lactating mothers can also not a good candidates for this procedure
  • If your bra straps dig in deeply leaving rashes on the skin 


  • The process will approximately take 3 to 4 hours. 
  • Cuts have been made 
  • Cuts could be close-by areolas or extend vertically or horizontally to the crease.
  • Fat has been transferred out by lifting the areolas up. 
  • To remove extra fluids, drainage tubes are occasionally also added.
  • In the end, doctors will sew the incisions.


After following any kind of surgery patient might have to go through pain. To avoid this pain patients should follow post-operative guidelines from the doctor. Once done with the procedure does not mean that you have no need to visit your surgeon again. Post-operative guidelines for breast reduction in Dubai are;

  • Must go on time for follow-up sessions 
  • Get away from physical activity.
  • It is essential to take prescription medication.
  • Do not lay on the bed by putting pressure on your stomach
  • It is recommended to use a surgical bra for a few weeks.
  • Maintain the areas of your incisions properly.

When your breast size is reduced, can it grow back?

Breast development following reduction surgery is a possibility in some circumstances, though it is extremely uncommon. Your surgeon will remove some of the glandular breast tissue during the surgery. The breasts may expand in the future if the tissue that is still present becomes larger. 

Pregnancy, nursing, weight gain, menopause, hormonal changes, drugs, age, and other factors can all contribute to breast regrowth following breast reduction surgery. The likelihood of future breast expansion is typically higher in individuals who receive breast reduction in Dubai at a younger age before their breasts have fully grown. However, in general, breast reduction can provide long-lasting or permanent benefits.

Try not to worry if breast regrowth occurs after breast reduction. For the majority of women in this position, breast revision surgery can help them regain their desired appearance.

Can you get your breasts reduced twice?

When you find a skilled plastic surgeon, it is entirely feasible to have a second breast reduction if you had one earlier in life but weren’t satisfied with your new size or if your operation resulted in an asymmetry in size or position.



Breast reduction in Dubai’s cost depends on the type of technique used for fat removal. Also, the expertise of the doctor, the area of the clinic and so many other things affect the pricing. For the final estimated cost schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeons at our clinic. Normally in Dubai, it ranges from AED 34,500 to AED 40,500. 

How long do the results of reduction mammoplasty last?

The results vary according to the patient’s health. In some cases, results stay for 15 to 20 years. But if individuals take good care of their health after the procedure results may extend their time. 


After following the surgery you will recover from its effects within 6 to 7 weeks. But for effective results, you should not lift heavy objects, and do not smoke, for a couple of weeks otherwise, you will damage your surgical area. 

Is There a Best Age for Breast Reduction Surgery?


The “ideal” age, in the surgeon’s opinion, to have a Breast reduction in Dubai is after the lady has finished having children. She specifically doesn’t have any future ambitions to get pregnant or nurse a child. The “ideal” period, however, is often as soon as feasible, in the late teens to early 20s, from the standpoint of the woman. Many teens and their parents believe the numerous advantages of early breast reduction are well worth it, even if procedures conducted on younger teenagers before their breasts have completely matured may necessitate a second treatment later in life to preserve the desired outcomes.

Why does my breast still appear large even after a reduction?

One week following surgery, swelling and bruises usually make it difficult to see the outcomes of your procedure. In fact, you could even observe that your breasts seem a little “too big” in the first week or two following surgery. Do not panic; this is quite normal and is caused by swelling following the procedure.

Bottom Line:

If you want to have successful breast reduction surgery in Dubai book an appointment with one of our best doctors. Always be clear about the type of breast reduction outcomes you desire. Also, be open and honest with the doctor about your expectations. Additionally, before contemplating the procedure, have a free consultation. Before undergoing surgery, make an adequate strategy and preparation because the expense is equally important. 


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