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Brief Overview of Vet Bone File for Veterinary Surgical Procedures


Bone files are important surgical tools for orthopedic surgical procedures. These have multiple functions that make routine bone surgeries easy for orthopedic surgeons. The sole purpose of a bone file is to level the bone from those portions where it is uneven.

So that it will prevent the possible rupture of adjacent tissues and muscles, these have significance in dental applications as well when it comes to treating the internal area of the teeth to keep them from possible infection and damage. Bone files have a dome-like shape which is reliable for taking out small bony fragments where the area is tight and harmful to the patient. These facts regarding bone files make them essential for orthopedic and dental procedures for utmost convenience.


Advantages of Bone Files in Veterinary procedures

While studying these tools for daily practice, it is vital to look at some prominent advantages bone files provide to veterinarians.

  • The vet bone file provides feasible movements during the entire procedure.
  • A bone file has ribbed patterns on its surface that give a tight grip and stop sliding of the tool.
  • The tool is autoclavable and is ideal to use for frequent utilization. Veterinarians should ensure that the tool is properly sterilized before using it.

Types and Examples of Vet Bone Files

There are different types and variations of vet bone files available. Veterinarians can choose them as per the need of surgical procedures or as per their choices. Some of the examples of vet bone files are:

1.  Howards Bone File

Howard’s bone file is a typical type of bone file suitable for veterinary orthopedic applications. The vets use this tool to remodel the bones and lacerate them. This tool can perform two primary functions without any trouble for the veterinarian. Vets consider these tools favorable because using them in regular procedures is comfortable.

bone file types

2.  Miller Surgical Bone File

Miller bone file is a helpful tool to level the bones and reconstruct them, giving them a new shape during the procedure. It gives several other benefits over other bone file variants also. However, it is quite distinguishable due to its counterparts that perform tricky surgeries impressively.

miler bone file

3.  Sugarman Furcation File

The Sugarman Furcation File is an outstanding dental tool to use for regular dental applications. It helps in treatments of the periodontal region and dental procedures related to the crown.

surgeman bone file

4.  Hirschfeld File Tartar Removal

The Hirschfeld Files are remarkable tools to clean the teeth from hard calculus buildup. No matter the severity of the buildup, this tool is a dentist’s favorite when removing calculus from tooth surfaces. In addition, this file is a dependable tool for calculus and tartar, a common oral hygiene concern among patients.

5.  Bone File Angled

The Bone File Angled is distinct due to its rounded structure. This tool is among those orthopedic surgical instruments that are important for time-consuming surgeries. The motive of a surgeon to use this tool is to save time.

6.  Bone Files Double Ended

Bone files with double-ended working ends are ideal to use on the bones that require remodeling. The arched handle is attached to the file to enable the veterinarian to hold it tightly while dealing with dense bones. It also does not feel bulky on the hands at all.


In veterinary dentistry or orthopedic procedures, bone files help the veterinarian to do different surgical procedures on animals. For example, bone files help dentists remove the damaged or decayed tooth of animals in dentistry.

In orthopedic procedures, bone files help the veterinarian remodel or lacerate the animals’ bones. Consider buying the veterinary surgical instruments for your clinic or hospital from Vet and Tech.

There is a wide variety of instruments in different variations at reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and add the items of your choice to your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the function of the bone file?

 A bone file is a tool to level the bones during remodeling. It is reliable to work on the joints and bones during numerous surgical procedures. Each design of a bone file is specific for every bone-relevant operation.

What are periodontal files?

 Periodontal files have various functions for dentists. These involve cutting the structures related to the periodontal region. Besides, these can easily clean the calculus when any other suitable tool is unavailable for application.

What happens when a file breaks off during a root canal?

 In some cases, the bone file might break during the routine procedure of the root canal. Veterinary dentists must carefully pull out the sharp tips from the oral cavity without tearing fragile structures apart. The tip can also be highly damageable to the apex and adjacent structures in this situation.

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