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Business Plan: The business compass

A few words about the business plan

Going through a period of intense economic recession, which is characterized by high competition both nationally and internationally. The preparation of the business plan from the side of the companies is now imperative. Many financial definitions detail the concept of a business plan. Simply put, a business plan is a detailed description of a company’s current state and an estimate of where it will be after a reasonable time (usually five years in the future).

Drawing up a business plan seems easy, but in reality, it is not. The business plan is the road map through which the entrepreneur adapts to modern economic conditions and achieves his business goals.

The structure of a business plans is specific. However, it can be adjusted according to the needs of each business. For more detailed plan you should hire a business plan consultant Therefore, a standard upon which every interested party should rely is the following:


The business plan should start with an introductory page, which will briefly describe the purpose of the specific study, the contents, and an executive summary.

Detailed Description of the business

In the second part, it is good to carry out a detailed description of the current state of the business. And more specifically, reference should be made to its organizational structure. Its history, the products and/or services it offers, the position of the business in the industry and human resources that staff it.

Detailed Market Description & SWOT Analysis

An important part of the business plan is analyzing the company’s market. In this chapter, it is good to carry out both the Market Segmentation. And the Target Market Segment Strategy, emphasizing the analysis of the industry and the business’s competitors. The strengths and weaknesses of a business. And the opportunities and threats that may arise in achieving its business purpose. The specific summary of the above elements constitutes the so-called SWOT Analysis.

The business strategy

The Description of the businesses strategy and how a company will implement it are the most important part when drawing up a business plan. A company’s strategy can be focused on various points, such as sales and/or marketing strategies.

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Financial Plan

Finally, in the business plan. Every company should present its basic financial statements, such as the Balance Sheet, the Statement of Profit and Loss. And the Statement of Cash Flows. It is also necessary to carry out an analysis of the company’s breakeven point. And financial analysis of its financial statements over time and across strata. Along with the financial analysis. The company should describe the reasons for the variability of its financial data. And compare these data with those of other companies in the sector in which it operates. Finally, after the entrepreneur has described the four chapters above. He should present in detail and fully document the five-year estimated financial results. Forecasting the financial results of a business is a difficult process as it requires specialized knowledge. And must be based on the business objectives.

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