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Common Ways To Enhance Jira Project Management


Jira is a widely-popular proprietary tool manufactured and marketed by Atlassian utilized in the industry for project management and issue tracking. In recent times, the Atlassian product has gained a lot of prominence. It has been excessively utilized by core Agile development teams to track critical tasks such as stories, bugs, epics, and other areas. Therefore, the higher-end relevance of the software makes it a recommendable career option, and a lot of job seekers have shifted toward this profession, opting for training with an affordable Jira Certification Cost. Explore the career opportunities and use your skill to gain a high-remuneration profile at a top-recruiting company. Develop core skills that top recruiters look for and learn the newest practices in stories, bugs, and epic tracking.

Now, proceed to the next section and peruse common ways to upgrade Jira Project Management.

Common Ways to Improve Jira Project Management:

Jira has earned far-reaching recognition in the field of project management. Though it was initially unveiled as a tool to report bugs. Nowadays, it has extended its services and now it encompasses other kinds of use cases like issues, tasks, and epics. In this section, the following points will help you gain knowledge about the important ways in which you can enhance your project management process.


Jira offers you an impeccable way of having more control over your efficiency. Jira Automation is a user-friendly and accessible way of expanding your efficiency that any professional can benefit from. This feature powers the professional to entirely automate their Jira-driven work management process. Therefore, learning the automation feature vastly enhances your project management. It significantly reduces the time needed for routine and mundane tasks.

Learn Shortcuts:

Time management is a useful ingredient to expand the capabilities of your project management. It helps you to perform tasks in a given time. Therefore, to save on your crucial time, you can make use of some shortcuts that execute specific tasks instantly. For example, the “c” button instantly launches a prompt using which the users can create an issue.

Tether Jira Software to Other Apps:

You can vastly enhance your project management abilities by connecting the Jira software to other applications. The foremost advantage of this feature is the fact that it provides a unique ability to display more information in one place. Now, its execution includes a plugin or add-on to upgrade the functionality of the workflow. You can find the application in the catalog that can be applied to expand the functions of the software.

Use Labels:

Now, labels are one of the accessible strategies to ensure that the manager and the team get a clear picture of the specifications on the project board. It is a useful component to continuously track numerous projects on a similar board to differentiate epics. Furthermore, you can make use of different kinds of colors to depict different projects executed at the same time.


Jira is a powerful software with an impressive user base with global recognition for providing favorable and user-friendly solutions for effective project management and issue tracking. In the initial days, it had come as a robust tool for reporting bugs and issues. However, it has quickly scaled up its range of solutions, and now it covers a lot of critical tasks. Therefore, many job seekers are preferring this profession due to its large-scale prominence in many global IT hubs and quality job benefits, and recognition of Jira Training in Gurgaon. After expanding your skillsets in this job domain, you can explore job opportunities in both domestic and international markets.


I am Digital Marketing Executive working in Croma Campus Pvt ltd. It is an educational foundation providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty. It has been in this industry for a decade and has been offering training in corporate and IT-based courses.

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