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Computer engineering subject

One of the best options among engineering branches, computer engineering is a unique amalgamation of computer science as well as electrical engineering. It focuses on the study of computing technologies as well as the design and development of electronic devices. This field places equal importance on hardware as well as software of electronic devices and computers to integrate smooth and flawless functioning. Being one of the popular degree courses after 12th science, computer engineering covers lucrative opportunities as soon as you get a degree in this field. For those searching for the program’s syllabus, here is a blog explaining computer engineering topics.

Eligibility for computer engineering

Before going into computer engineering subjects, let us first understand that you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to pursue courses in this field. The eligibility requirements for computer engineering courses vary according to the level of the course as well as the university you choose. Here are the general prerequisites you should keep in mind while applying for such courses:

  • For Diploma in Computer Engineering, the basic requirement is that the student must have completed 10+2 with Science stream (usually PCM subjects) from a recognized board with specified marks as required by his/her chosen university.
  • For BE course or BTech in Computer Engineering, you must have completed 10+2 with PCM subjects and Indian institutes and universities also require candidates to take entrance exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, IPU CET, etc. In addition, if you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this field abroad, you will need to provide SAT scores and language proficiency scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc., along with your 10+2 academic transcripts.
  • If you are aiming to pursue a master’s degree in computer engineering, a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is usually sought by universities with entrance exam scores that may vary by university. Also, for those aiming to study abroad, you will additionally need to submit GRE scores along with language proficiency scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

This Engineering Subjects for Diploma, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Level Courses:

Being a unique combination of computer science and engineering, there is a plethora of computer engineering disciplines that may vary according to the degree or diploma you are opting for. Beyond that, core subjects generally remain the same for these degree and diploma courses, although they may be covered at a foundational, basic or advanced level. The following sections will give you an overview of the major computer engineering topics covered for various degree and diploma programs.

Engineering Mechanics

One of the major computer engineering disciplines, Engineering Mechanics aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge of particle physics, how particles interact with mass and energy, various properties of surface and solids as well as friction. Candidates will get to know about important concepts like the dynamics of particles, elements of rigid bodies as well as their equilibrium.

Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics will be one of the most essential computer engineering subjects and will be part of the syllabus till the second year. This interdisciplinary subject in different semesters will introduce you to topics like Optics, Heat, and Thermodynamics, Acoustics, Laser and Fiber Optics, Mechanics, etc.

Programming and data structures

You’ll learn about a variety of programming languages ​​as well as topics such as searching, sorting, and files. It is one of the core disciplines of computer engineering and has a major focus on the study of data structures, both linear and non-linear, along with the study of the C language and program development.

Semiconductor Physics and Electronics

This important topic will be a guide to the inner workings of electronic components. It will take you through the workings of semiconductors elucidating Fiber Optical Communications, Semiconducting Materials, Optoelectronic Switching Devices, modern engineering materials, etc.

Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics

Mathematics will be an integral mention in computer engineering subjects which will enable the students with its fundamentals. Mainly, you will get to study topics like Vector Calculus, Statistics, Multiple Integers, Graphs, Lattices, Combinatorial, etc. Apart from these topics, the most important concepts will be Complex Integration and Analytic Functions.

Artificial intelligence

Being an essential part of the syllabus, this topic related to AI will be a tour of the most interesting concepts and methodologies. Reasoning and reasoning, planning and learning as well as knowledge representation will help in gaining a better understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its working.

Interactive computer graphics

will cover key fundamentals and principles about interactive computer graphics color models; Curved surface and solid; hidden surface elimination; change etc.

Computer engineering courses

Now that you are familiar with the computer engineering topics that are offered in the various level of courses in this field, let’s take a look at the popular programs that you can look for in this field of study:

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Programmer
  • And Diploma in Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering and Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • And Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • BE in Computer Engineering
  • B.Tech in Computer Engineering
  • Master of Engineering- Meng in Computer Engineering
  • Master in Computer Engineering – Mobile Computing
  • And Master of Smart Systems in Engineering

Apart from this, you can also do a course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. It provides information on the development, testing, design, manufacture, maintenance, and operation of aircraft, military aircraft, space aircraft, missiles, satellites, etc.

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