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Different routes for the Leh Ladakh trip on the bike and stylish bikes for the Ladakh trip

1. Leh to leh( khardungla- Nubra vale – Pangong) 

To get to Nubra vale, the trip departs from Leh and travels over the Khardung La pass. On Day 2, we depart from the Nubra camps and trip to Pangong Lake. On the third day, we cycle from the Pangong Lake campground back to Leh. Get there a day beforehand and check into a hostel in Leh. We advise arriving a day beforehand to give yourself time to adjust. To help mountain sickness, rest is pivotal. Diary for

Day 1 of the Ladakh Bike Lift Leh to Khardungla Pass to Nubra Valley( 5- 6 hours lift) 

Day 2 Pangong Lake- Nubra Valley( 8- 10 hours lift) 

Day 3 Leh to Pangong Lake( 5- 6 hours lift) 

2. Leh to leh( khardungla la Nubra pangong) 

On Day 2, we set out from Leh for Sham Valley. This stretch of road has lovely decor and is simple to drive. The following day, we cross the Khardungla pass to arrive in the Nubra Valley. On Day 4, we ride to the most magnific Ladakh spot after breakfast. The peaceful Pangong Lake will be coming to the camping areas. We do back to Leh after Pangong Lake. Route for a Bike Lift 

Day 1 Get to Leh 

Day 2 Sham Valley- Leh( 6- 7 hrs lift) 

Leh, Khardungla Pass, and Nubra Valley on Day 3( 5- 6 hrs lift) 

Day 4 Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 8- 10 hrs lift) 

Day 5 Leh to Pangong Lake( 5- 6 hrs lift) 

3. Bike lift from Shrinagar to Leh to Manali 

On Day 3 of the trip, we arrive in Leh. On day 1, we travel through the notorious Zojila pass. We take a trip from Leh to Nubra Valley across the Khardung La pass. We travel to Pangong Lake from Nubra Valley and set up camp there the ensuing night. After returning to Leh, we begin our trip to Manali via Sarchu. You might take a day to sightsee and acclimatise in Leh after arriving there. During the original sightseeing, we may go to the Shanti Stupa, glamorous Hill, and Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. Diary for a bike trip from Srinagar to Leh to Manali 

Day 1 Arrive in Srinagar. 

Day 2 Kargil- Srinagar( 9- 10 hrs lift). 

Day 3 Leh to Kargil( 7- 8 hrs lift). 

Day 4 Leh sightseeing 

Day 5 Leh- Kardungla Pass- Nubra 

Day 6 Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 8- 10 hrs lift). 

Day 7 Leh to Pangong Lake( 6- 7 hrs lift). 

Day 8 Sarchu to Leh( 8- 10 hrs lift). 

Sarchu to Manali on Day 9( 8- 10 hrs lift). 

Day 10 Check out of Manali and end of the trip. 

4. Manali to Manali( khardungla la- Nubra pass) 

the lift begins in Manali. We shall see them all, including Khardungla Pass, Nubra Valley, Indus- Shyok Rivers, and Rohtang Pass. On our trip, we will cut ignominious water aqueducts and high-altitude passes. Your bike running chops will be put to the test during this passage. Enjoy the stunning starry nights and the splendour of the area after you arrive at Leh. Visit the well-known friary close to Leh. Our schedule reserves the first day for acclimatisation and the riding briefing. 

Day 1 appearance in Manali 

Day 2 Jispa- Manali( 140 km, 8- 9 hrs) 

Day 3 Jispa to Sarchu( 85 km, 5- 6 hrs) 

Day 4 Leh- Sarchu( 250 km, 9- 10 hrs) 

Day 5 A day of rest in Leh 

Day 6 Leh- Khardungla Pass- Nubra Valley( 159 km, 4- 6 hrs) 

Day 7 Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 274 km, 8- 10 hrs) 

 Day 8 Leh to Pangong Lake( 223 km, 7- 9 hrs) 

 Day 9 Sarchu- Leh( 250 km, 8- 10 hrs) 

Day 10 Manali to Sarchu( 230 km, 8- 10 hrs) 

Day 11 you’ll leave Manali. 

5. Manali to Srinagar Bike Lift 

On Day 4 of the trip, we arrive in Leh. Jispa, Sarchu, the Nubra Valley, Kargil, and Pangong Lake are all covered. On Day 9, we ride over the Indus River to Kargil, passing the famed Lamayuru friary and the lunar- suchlike terrain. We arrive in Sonmarg on day 10 and finish the biking adventure in Srinagar. On the final morning, you have the option of leaving Srinagar by aeroplane or continuing your adventure. Day 1 of our programme is retained for acclimatisation on this trip as well. Diary for the Manali to Srinagar bike lift 

Day 1 Appearance in Manali  

Day 2 Jispa- Manali( 8 hrs lift) 

Third-day Jispa to Sarchu( 5- 6 hrs lift) 

Day 4 Leh- Sarchu( 10 hrs lift) 

Day 5 A day of rest in Leh 

Day 6 Leh- Khardungla Pass- Nubra Valley( 4- 5 hrs lift) 

Day 7 Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 8- 10 hrs lift) 

Day 8 Leh to Pangong Lake( 7- 9 hrs lift) 

Day 9 Kargil- Leh( 7- 8 hrs lift) 

Day 10 Srinagar to Kargil( 8- 9 hrs lift) 

 Day 11, you’ll leave Srinagar.

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