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Do Multivitamins Work? The Surprising Truth

Multivitamins and minerals are one of the most commonly consumed supplements nowadays. The consumption of taking multivitamin supplements has increased in the past years. You can also find some people consuming adult multivitamins regularly because they think it has no side effects whatsoever. Some people start taking multivitamin supplements without consulting their doctor resulting in some serious health problems in the future. 

It is a common belief that multivitamin supplements benefit health in many ways. For example, it can improve health and works best for those with unhealthy eating habits. Some also believe that multivitamin supplements can be effective in preventing some serious heart diseases as well. In this article, we have discussed whether or not all the benefits of using adult multivitamins supplements mentioned above are supported by scientific evidence.

What Are Multivitamins?

Multivitamins, referred to as vitamins or multiples, are supplements that contain different vitamins and minerals. Multivitamin supplements come in many forms. Some supplements look like gummies, whereas others look like capsules or tablets, or some come in liquid form. But as for the ingredients, they vary by brand. But some ingredients are quite common for every multivitamin supplement. They are amino acids and fatty acids. You can also find some multivitamin supplements containing herbs in them.

6 Top Benefits of Multivitamin Supplements

The benefits of adult multivitamins are listed as follows-

  • Improvement In Mood

Certain studies show that people who take multivitamin supplements regularly usually positively affect their mood. For example, people usually get tired after a long day of work. It is easier to feel irritated with small things, but of course, no one wants that to happen. While some people can manage to handle the situation by staying positive, others may not. Some multivitamins for adults can help people retain positive mental health by improving their ill temperament.

  • Enhance Energy Level

When we talk about multivitamins, we always think of adult multivitamins because adults are the ones that need multivitamin supplements more than anyone. Unlike a child, adults have to work harder. But if your body does not get enough vitamins, it can face difficulty in doing simple tasks. In that case, you can feel multiple health problems and become easily exhausted. Taking multivitamin supplements can help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel energetic.  

  • Improves Memory Power

Memory power is one of the most important functions of the brain. While some people have strong memories, others may not have that strong memory. An Australian study shows that consuming multivitamin supplements positively affects short-time memory function. According to the study, those who consume vitamin B12 regularly can have better memory power than those who do not.

  • Increase Muscle Strength

There can be multiple reasons why people have to face muscle problems. Muscle aging is a common problem nowadays. But it is believed that taking multivitamin supplements can help people gain strong muscle.

  • Improves Eye Health

Age-related macular degeneration is one of the eye diseases that cause blindness in old age. According to a study, consuming multivitamin supplements reduces the risk of this disease, and sometimes it can also prevent it. There is another widespread eye disease called a cataract. Consuming multivitamin supplements can help reduce the risk of this disease too. 

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Due to extreme workloads and some other emotional turmoil, people have been suffering from stress and anxiety. Not just the workload, social media is also responsible for stress in people. Of course, several people can handle stress quite perfectly. But others cannot. A study shows that taking a multivitamin supplement helps reduce stress and anxiety and encourages people to have a strong grip on their mental condition. 

Disadvantages of Using Multivitamin Supplements

When you take a multivitamin supplement, dosage and amount, these two things matter equally. Some multivitamin supplements can accept a little high dose, but you must be mindful about the amount of multivitamin supplement you consume. This is because the dosage of a multivitamin depends on the supplement’s solubility. There are two types of vitamin solubility-

  • Fat-soluble– Human body cannot get rid of this multivitamin supplement. Its excess amount gets accumulated in the liver.
  • Water-soluble– Water-soluble multivitamin supplements are more beneficial because these excess vitamins can come from urine.

However, there are some disadvantages of using multivitamin supplements for some people. We have discussed those below.

  • Affects Pregnancy

It is believed that pregnant women should be careful of consuming multivitamin supplements, especially the intake of Vitamin A. The excessive consumption of any Vitamin A tablet can harm pregnant women as it encourages congenital disabilities.

  • Not Recommended For Smokers

Multivitamin supplements are not recommended for smokers because they have ample beta carotene. Beta carotene increases the risk of lung cancer, so intaking multivitamin supplement becomes riskier for smokers.

  • Iron consumption Is Not Good For Men

Those multivitamin supplements with a large amount of iron are not suitable for men’s health. Since a man’s body contains more iron than a woman’s, taking multivitamin supplements with iron can be dangerous for men’s bodies. 

  • Multivitamin Is Not Good For Those Who Have Hemochromatosis

Individuals who have hemochromatosis should not consume multivitamin supplements that have Iron. It can cause severe many heart diseases, liver cancer, and liver cirrhosis.

  • Problem Of Consuming Too Many Vitamins

Too much of anything is not good. This is true for multivitamin supplements as well. Consuming too many multivitamin supplements, especially fat-soluble ones, is not good for health. As we have already discussed above, fat-soluble multivitamin supplements get assembled in the liver and cause many health problems such as insomnia, sweating, fatigue, nausea, constipation, heart palpitation, and depression. Some of the fat-soluble vitamins are Vitamin K, Vitamin, and Vitamin D.

  • Not Regulated BY FDA

Usually, multivitamin supplements are not regulated by the FDA. As a result, the supplements are sold in the shop without getting strong approval from the FDA. This means that these supplements may contain some harmful chemicals you might not be aware of. So, we advise you to consult you to always consult your doctor before considering any multivitamin supplement for regular intake.

Who Should Take Multivitamin Supplements?

Though multivitamin supplements are not beneficial for many people, some people can be benefited by consuming the right amount of multivitamin supplements. For example, older adults can benefit from consuming calcium tablets and vitamin D. On the other hand, vegans can be positively affected by using Multivitamin supplements. As many animal foods contain Vitamin B12, it becomes beneficial for those who live on a plant-based diet. 


Multivitamin supplements are made of many ingredients. Of course, we cannot deny the benefits multivitamin supplements offer, it is not the ultimate answer to getting a strong and healthy body. On the other hand, an overdose of these supplements can also harm you. While it benefits the human body in many ways, its overconsumption can also be dangerous. Moreover, multivitamin supplements contain many nutrients your body does not even need.

So, we suggest you consider eating natural foods with ample vitamin supplements. But if you are one of those who are not fond of eating foods or vegetables that contain vitamins, you can consult your doctor and take an adequate amount of adult multivitamins supplements. However, we always recommend eating food instead of taking multivitamin supplements.

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