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Health and Fitness

Dynamic Gomukhasana eliminates these 5 problems, learn the way to practice it

In today’s time, people are facing many kinds of health problems due to the runaway lifestyle. Due to the busy lifestyle, people are unable to take time for their fits. Due to unbalanced eating and runaway lifestyle, your physical health not only affects your physical health, but it also causes your mental health to deteriorate. Increased stress, depression and other mental problems in people are emerging as a major concern. Regular practice of yoga is very beneficial to relieve stress and keep the body mentally and physically fit, by doing yoga daily, your body does not fit but it can protect the body from getting into the grip of diseases. The practice of dynamic Gomukhasana daily is very beneficial to get rid of stress, anxiety, restlessness and other conditions related to physical health. Practicing it provides mental peace and problems like stress, depression and anxiety are overcome. Let us know the benefits and practice of dynamic Gomukhasana.


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Benefits of Dynamic Gomukhasana:

Yoga is not only beneficial in keeping you physically healthy, but also keeps you mentally fit and healthy. Practicing dynamic Gomukhasana regularly makes your body healthy and removes many serious mental problems. In today’s time, problems like depression, anxiety and stress are increasing rapidly among the people and they are affecting the health of the people of the whole world. Practicing yogasanas regularly is very beneficial to overcome these problems. Dynamic Gomukhasana is a medium -class yogasana. It is like practicing Gomukhasana, but some changes have been made in it.


1. Beneficial in removing stress and anxiety

The growing stress among the people due to the runaway lifestyle and functioning is a big issue related to health. This problem is increasing in people day by day. To relieve stress and anxiety, your lifestyle should be cured in addition to healthy and nutritious food. Practicing dynamic Gomukhasana daily provides relief in these problems. By practicing this, some Happy hormones are released in your body, which removes mental problems like stress and anxiety and keep the body and mind happy and healthy.


2. Beneficial in liver problems

Liver problems are caused by food disturbances. Liver is considered to be the second most important part of the body and it is very important to be healthy. The practice of dynamic Gomukhasana daily is very beneficial to keep the liver healthy. Gomukhasana is practiced to activate the liver and accelerate the flow of oxygen and blood in the liver. Its practice removes the toxins present in the liver.


3. Beneficial for spinal cord

Practicing dynamic Gomukhasana gives great benefit to your spine. Practicing dynamic Gomukhasana daily not only strengthens the spinal cord but also provides benefit in making it flexible. Many people have problems related to spinal cord due to food disturbances and wrong posture. The practice of dynamic Gomukhasana is very beneficial to remove these problems and make the spinal cord flexible and strong.


4. Useful for asthma patients

Asthma problem is a serious problem related to breath. Asthma patients must practice dynamic Gomukhasana daily. This posture also has many benefits for asthma patients. This causes spread to the chest part and its regular practice removes respiratory problems.


5. Beneficial in making the body flexible

Practising dynamic Gomukhasana makes your body flexible and shapely. By practicing it regularly, the muscles also benefit.


How to practice dynamic Gomukhasana:

  • In the first position, sit in Sukhasana.
  • Now bring your left leg towards the body.
  • After this, place the right leg on the left leg thighs and take it closer to the body.
  • Place the right hand on your shoulder and take it back as much as possible.
  • After this, bend the left hand from the elbow to the edge and move it back.
  • Now try to add both hands.
  • Hold both hands with each other behind the back.
  • Stay in this posture for some time and slowly come back to normal posture.


The practice of this yoga asana is very beneficial to remove mental problems and make the body healthy. You can practice this yoga asana daily. But if you have problems with shoulder, knee and neck pain, do not practice this yoga asana. Apart from this, pregnant women should also not practice dynamic Gomukhasana.

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