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Erectile Dysfunction: Scientists Look to the Underlying Reasons

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men every year. And there are plenty of potential causes from psychological issues to bad habits to unhealthy lifestyles.

Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered several underlying risk factors that could make ED more likely to occur in the future.

According to the study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, some of the biggest risk factors include a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol regularly, and being overweight or obese.


Erectile Dysfunction Is Linked to Heart Disease

It has long been known that erectile dysfunction is linked to cardiovascular disease. But new research suggests that there may be a more direct link. Sildenafil Tablets, Suhagra 50 and Suhagra 100 are all medications prescribed by physicians for erectile dysfunction.

However, they can also lead to heart attacks in those who take them if they have high blood pressure. Online pharmacies are often not regulate which increases the risk of purchasing fake drugs.


Diabetes and Obesity Are Risk Factors for ED

Recently, studies have shown that diabetes and obesity are risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Diabetes reduces blood flow to the penis. And obesity can cause a narrowing of the arteries, making it difficult for blood to flow through.

One study found that men with an enlarged prostate were more likely than those without prostate enlargement to experience erectile dysfunction. Researchers suggest that weight loss and exercise may help reduce this problem.

In addition, drugs like Suhagra 25 could also be a potential solution as they increase blood flow to the penis. If you suspect you might suffer from ED, speak with your doctor about available treatments or visit an online pharmacy like Medzpills.com!


Depression May Be a Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study has found a possible link between erectile dysfunction and depression.

They found that men with moderate-to-severe depressive symptoms were more likely to report ED. Than those with milder or no symptoms, regardless of age, obesity, diabetes, or other health conditions.

The researchers believe that this could be because some types of depression can interfere with nerve signals in the penis.

They also think that feelings of shame or guilt over an inability to perform sexually may make matters worse by leading people with ED to withdraw from intimate relationships.


Stress Can Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is physical. Emotional factors can contribute, but are not nearly as common as physical causes. For example, stress can lead to ED.

When it comes to treating ED, doctors recommend a combination of lifestyle changes and treatments depending on the underlying cause.

Different forms of treatment include prescription medications such as Sildenafil Tablets and Suhagra 50 or 25; herbs such as Horny Goat Weed; vacuum pumps, penile injection therapy and more.

Studies have shown that Suhagra Force (alternative name for Sildenafil) helps by relaxing blood vessels in the penis so that they open wider and allow more blood flow into them.


Alcohol Use May Lead to ED

A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who drink more alcohol may be more at risk for erectile dysfunction.

In the study, which followed over 1,000 middle-aged men, those who drank two or more drinks a day were about three times as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared with those who didn’t drink at all.

Researchers also noted that heavy drinking was associated with an increased risk of ED among younger and older men.

Men between 18 and 29 years old who had three to five alcoholic drinks per week were 30 percent more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than non-drinkers. Men aged 60 years and up had four times the risk.

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