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ETIAS for British Citizens: How Is ETIAS Different from a Schengen Visa

The European Travel Information and Authorization System will be the first thing British citizens will have to contend with if they are planning on traveling to Europe. ETIAS, an acronym that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System and is essentially the EU’s version of America’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

This authorization system aims to make it easier for member states to verify the identities of people travelling from visa-exempt countries, as well as to collect biometric data like fingerprints and photographs.

Overview of ETIAS

The EU has introduced a new travel authorization system called ETIAS that will replace current paperless, visa-exempt travel schemes in the European Union. It will allow passengers to pre-authorize their visit to the Schengen area. They have this permit on their electronic device e.g., smartphone or tablet when they cross the external border of the EU. 

Travelers will be able to use ETIAS not only as an entry document but also as a residence permit for up to 90 days within any 180 days. After three years in operation, all visas issued by the EU Member States should be subject to this new regulation.

ETIAS for U.K. Citizens – Who Need an ETIAS Visa?

The ETIAS for UK citizens, which has replaced the U.K.’s prior notification procedure, is designed to ensure that people traveling to the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland are not considered a threat to security or public health.

Applicants are required to submit their mentioned documents including passport details, contact information, and travel plan. Travellers must also have a valid passport with at least three months of validity on arrival in the European Union. If you have an ETIAS visa application you will need to complete it at least 72 hours before departure for Europe.

What is required for ETIAS Travel Authorization?

The initial step is to register for an ETIAS travel authorization.  Travelers need to provide personal data and passport data before being able to apply.

The pre-screening process includes confirming the identity of the applicant and verifying that he or she does not pose a threat to the European Union’s public order, security, or health. Applicants who successfully pass this screening process will be granted an ETIAS authorization, while those who do not will have their application denied.

How to Apply for ETIAS Visa in Germany?

There are some key differences between ETIAS and a Schengen visa. There is also some overlap. The main difference between the two visas is that the cost of an ETIAS Visa.  Varies depending on which country you live in (but it won’t be free) while a Schengen Visa application is free for European Union members or people with residency permits in Europe.

Using ETIAS and its Validity 

When to use your ETIAS visa depends on the length of your stay in any of the countries listed above. If you are visiting more than one country, then you need an individual ETIAS for each country where you will be staying. Your new ETIAS starts its countdown clock at 12 p.m. EST on the day it has been issued, and its duration depends on how long you will be traveling within that period. If it expires before your trip ends, then contact an immigration authority to renew it.

What if ETIAS Application is Denied or Rejected?

An ETIAS visa application may be denied or rejected if the applicant doesn’t have their biometric data. They are not of age to apply, or their travel plan does not match the specified purpose of their ETIAS application.

Applicants who fail in their first attempt at an ETIAS application may reapply as long as the biometric data has been taken and properly saved in Eurodac, otherwise, re-registration with this data is required.  The fee charged for each second application or re-application will be the same as that charged for the original visa application. If a second application is approved, then all previously paid fees will be refunded to the traveler’s account.

Timeline for ETIAS Implementation 

This ETIAS for UK citizens authorization will be valid for three years. Can be renewed without taking any tests or paying any costs. It will cost €7 per person (€4.5 for children). It must be obtained before entering the Schengen area or else you will have to go back.

According to the European Commission, with this new authorization system, the application procedure is clear and simple. Its low cost will contribute to increased travel by making a trip more affordable. EU countries no longer need to check every traveler against security databases at their borders. They just need to check that the applicant has been granted an ETIAS for UK citizens before letting them into their country.

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