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Event Engagement: Everything Planners Need To Know

If you want to make your event marketing successful, you need to be updated with the latest trends. For example, engaging the audience at events becomes more accessible by following what people love at events. 

Post-reading this blog, you will know what aspects of successful events people love. So, let’s get started!

How Effective Is Event Marketing?

Here are some more compelling reasons to use event marketing

  • Event marketing is regarded by 52 percent of business owners as the marketing channel that generates the highest return on investment.
  • Events are a very efficient method to engage with customers and prospects, according to 47 percent of marketers.
  • According to 41% of business representatives, event marketing is more effective than content and email marketing combined.
  • Over-performing businesses spend 1.7 times the average marketing expenditure on live events. Businesses that have grown by more than 30% have increased their event activities the most.

Event marketing is a powerful tool for reaching corporate objectives, increasing income, and building solid relationships with prospects and consumers. However, not every occurrence is suitable for everyone.

Ideas & Strategies Around Event Marketing

Let’s have a look at all the brilliant ideas and strategies for event marketing:

1. Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms have a massive audience of 3.8 billion people who use them to communicate. This number is steadily increasing, with a 9.2 percent growth in the audience since 2019. As a result, promoting your event on social media is a far too enticing chance to pass up.

From building specific pages on Facebook to purchasing sponsored ads on blogs, social media provides a plethora of tools for marketing your event. Try cross-promotion with an event’s co-hosts or speakers to expand your reach; they can give you a new and interested audience. Another suggestion is to use the resources of niche influencers.

Consider employing chatbots to promote your event and keep the audience interested for an extended period. 

2. Encourage User-generated Content

User-generated content relieves your content creation team of some of their responsibilities. Even better, it helps you reach out to more people, organically spread the news about your event, and develop social proof.

Creating a hashtag on social media and encouraging individuals to use it is the most straightforward approach to getting user-generated content. Organizing a competition is another method to develop curiosity. You can, for example, provide complimentary tickets to those whose postings receive the most likes or reposts.

All the user-generated content collected from multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc., can be displayed on social media walls during events. Social walls are the new go-to tool for event marketers as it has enormous potential to attract the audience’s attention. 

3. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still one of your marketing plan’s most potent platforms. In addition, email marketing is the most effective strategy for event advertising, according to over 66 percent of event organizers.

Keep in mind that a single email is unlikely to have spectacular effects. Creating a flow that directs a subscriber through a marketing funnel is needed for advertising via this medium. Start with an invitation email to keep in touch with your existing subscribers and encourage event registrations. Follow our guide on creating event invitation emails for some inspiration.

Email marketing lets you boost leads developed during registration and enhance the number of attendees at your event. 

4. Collaborate

Because event marketing partnerships and sponsorships are so crucial to the success of your event, you should begin reaching out to potential collaborators, complementary businesses, and media partners as soon as possible. That is, before your event’s official start date. They will be able to assist you in spreading the word from the start.

5. Paid Marketing

It’s no secret that if we truly want to maximize our reach and conversion, we can’t always rely on free and organic marketing techniques. Instead, paid advertising solutions such as social media ads, Google Ads, retargeting ads, sponsored posts, influencer marketing, and so on will almost certainly be required.

It’s critical to understand the roles of various paid channels in comparison to organic choices before investing in them:

Organic channels are inexpensive, if not free. Still, you’ll have to make a significant effort to see the desired results. Paid channels, however, can ensure quick results as long as you have the cash. Still, they can quickly become prohibitively expensive if you are not careful. 

Wrapping Up!

A blog that every marketer should lay an eye upon. We have included all the crucial points that every event marketer should know. Audience engagement is a tricky thing to attain, and the ideas included in this blog would help you engage your event’s audience a lot easier. 

Get your audience engaged now!

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