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Everything About Recycling Metals

Copper Recycling:

Before we get into the article, our company is a Copper Scrap importer and buyer well-known online. We offer recycled and scraped copper of the best quality. 

Copper Scrap Value:

People have been using copper and copper alloys for a very long time. This has been a standard way of doing business, even if some people do not like it. The Colossus of Rhodes is a statue that stood at the entrance to Rhodes Harbour. It was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and was said to have been made of copper. 

During the Middle Ages, it was common for bronze cannons to be melted down after a war so that they could be used to make other things. During wartime, people even used church bells to make guns.


We use pure copper from normal commercial sources for the most important electrical tasks, such as making fine and superfine-enameled wires. It is important that we keep purity in a way that can we can repeat in order to make sure that the metal has high conductivity, can be annealed consistently, and doesn’t break when making rods and then drawing wire from them. Since the enamel layers that are applied are thin but have to withstand voltage, they can’t have any flaws on the surface. This means that we use copper wire as the base must have a good surface quality. We use the best grade of primary copper to make the rods for this work. You could also use recycled process scrap that hasn’t been pure and other scraps that is clean and refined back to grade “A” quality.

We can also take Copper for power cables from the high-conductivity rods, but it is made into thicker pieces than the copper used for fine wires. So, the requirements for quality are a little less strict. If there are any unwanted impurities, it can lead to problems like hot shortness, which makes casting and hot rolling fail inexpensive ways. For the same reason, scrap with these kinds of impurities can only be used for this if it is contaminated with a lot of good-quality copper.

Value of Scrap: Other Copper Alloys:

Copper alloys like phosphor bronzes, gunmetals, lead bronzes, and aluminum bronzes are usually made to very strict standards so that we can use them in tough situations. Most of the time, we can make them from ingots of known composition and scraps of the same composition that have been carefully kept separate. When scrap is dirty or it’s not clear what we can make of it. An ingot maker remelts it and looks at it so that the composition can be changed to make it fit for an alloy.

The copper that is good quality and has high conductivity can be recycled by melting it and doing a quick analysis before it is cast into a finished shape or used to make something else. But this is usually only true for scrap metal that comes from copper works. When copper has been tainted and needs to be re-refined, it is usually re-melted and cast into the shape of an anode so that you can refine it can with electricity.

Brasses Scrap Value:

Brass scrap recycling is an important part of the economy of the industry. Before pouring, we usually make brass for extrusion and hot stamping from a basic melt of scrap metal with the right amount of new copper or zinc added to meet the specifications. Because we buy brass scrap for a much lower price than the price of the metal mixture, the cost of making brass is much lower than it would be otherwise.

To make brass easier to work with, it often needs to have other elements like lead in it, so this kind of scrap is often acceptable. In addition to the common free-machining brasses, there are many others that are made for specific purposes and have their properties changed to make them stronger, harder, more resistant to corrosion, or something else. This means that scrap must be separated very carefully.

Effect on Environment:

Copper is an important trace element that most plants, animals, and people need to grow and stay healthy. In general, it is common that small amounts of copper in excess cause problems. Copper is recycled as much as possible so that it doesn’t go to waste. The copper that is in too high of a concentration is not allowed to escape into the air as fumes or into the cooling water that we use to run the process. We usually treat all of this water to stay within the limits that have.

Most of the time, the other metals that are in copper alloys are not in a form that is dangerous. But when fumes are made, like when melting or welding, it may be necessary to use equipment to get rid of the fumes. Beryllium is sometimes mixed with copper to make some of the strongest copper alloys, which are essential for making heavy-duty springs. 

Product Value:

If the copper scrap is pure and you have not mixed it with anything bad, You can use it to make a high-quality product. In the same way, scrap metal with only one alloy composition is easier to remelt into a good quality product, though the composition may need to be changed a bit.

If the scrap is dirty or has other things like solder in it, it will be harder to keep the composition within the limits of a certain specification when we remelt it. Where there is lead or tin but no harmful impurities, it is often possible to change the composition by adding more lead or tin. This is how we can make leaded bronzes. When melting some scrap that has unwanted impurities, it is sometimes possible to add water to it so that the level of impurities falls within an acceptable range. All of these ways keep a lot of the worth of the scrap. A simplified diagram in the figure shows how we can use scrap metal to make alloys.


We use the old scrap to describe copper wire, tubing, roofing, and copper pipe that we have used and can turn into refined metal and alloys. During the process of recycling, these secondary copper materials are put into furnaces and melted down. They are then further processed and refined.

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