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Everything You Need To Know About Millennium 10

A high-flow device, the Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator can give up to 10 liters of additional oxygen per minute. For patients who need more therapeutic support, this device is the ideal option. The Millennium’s steady quality of oxygen therapy and long-lasting mechanical performance is guaranteed by routine maintenance. In this post, you will learn about the Millennium 10 oxygen concentrator.

Intake Filter of Millennium 10

The quality of your oxygen supply is greatly influenced by the intake filter. The flow of pure oxygen is protected from airborne contaminants like dust and debris by an intact and clean intake filter. The intake filter guarantees that your oxygen is purer. The filter is frequently unclean or broken when oxygen purity levels drop. The intake filters are washable and replaceable in the cabinet because they are reusable. Only when they are broken, do intake filters need to be replaced.

Millennium 10

How Frequently Should an Oxygen Concentrator Filter Be Changed on an M10?

One of the basic best practices for maintenance is changing the filter on your Millennium. As determined by a visual inspection, the filter should be changed as necessary. When you clean the filter every week, conduct your examination. Keep extra intake filters on hand so you can swap them out as soon as you notice any damage. You can buy multi-packs of intake filters so that you always have a filter on hand for when one needs to be changed.

And if you do not change the filter, your oxygen concentrator may experience noticeable problems. Due to dust and particles interfering with your clean oxygen, a damaged intake filter might lower the oxygen purity levels. Because a filter is dirty and prevents the usual flow of oxygen, pressure and pulse settings may also be decreased.

Cleaning Process of Millennium 10 Filters

Cleaning the Respironics Millennium intake filter is of the utmost necessity. As the patient needs to intake clean oxygen only, a clean intake filter will help ensure that. This is how you can clean the M10 filters-

  • Remove the cap from the filter- Search for the filter cap on the side of the Millennium M10 to remove the intake filter. Eliminate the filter cap.
  • Then you need to remove the filter from the cabinet. It should be easy to see the intake filter.
  • Ensure if the filter is in good condition or not- Examine the filter for rips or holes that could allow airborne debris to enter your supply of oxygen. Microscopic dust and dirt particles can travel through even the smallest of holes. Therefore, when you perform your weekly cleaning, it’s crucial to visually inspect your intake filter.
  • If the filter is undamaged, then you can remove the filter and wash it in mild detergent.
  • Now extract the excess water from the filter and let it dry.
  • After the filter dries up completely, reinstall it in the cabinet.
  • Put the filter cap back on.

Note: Ensure the filter is completely dry before reinstalling it in the cabinet, as a damp filter may cause issues in the oxygen concentrator.


We hope you understood about M10 and its importance. There are some important things that you need to keep in mind, like never trying to reduce the intake filters’ usage to reduce costs. Your oxygen therapy will be compromised by a damaged filter. You can buy new intake filters in packs of six to have filters on hand for replacement. The Respironics Millennium M10 oxygen concentrator and other accessories like filters are available at the majority of medical supply retailers. Online replacement filter searches can be done from the comfort of your home.

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