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Factors To Consider Before You Go To Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

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Teeth whitening has become a very sought-after procedure everywhere. People of different age groups seek treatment to whiten their teeth, and many cannot enjoy its benefits due to the high cost. That is why we offer the best teeth whitening in Melbourne at economical rates.

Are you wondering what teeth whitening is? 

Teeth whitening is a process that helps to lighten the color of a person’s teeth by using bleach with highly volatile oxygen molecules like peroxides. Discoloration or stains are eliminated physically or by performing a chemical reaction to change the color of the teeth’ enamel.

One should not go blindly for treatment; it is highly advisable to do some research before making an appointment for teeth whitening services in Melbourne. Read this blog to learn more about the teeth whitening services in Melbourne and the crucial points one must know about the process!

Five factors to consider before you go to cosmetic teeth whitening

For a perfect result of teeth whitening, one has to take care of several things. If you have made an appointment with the dentist for optimum teeth whitening services in Melbourne, consider these factors before going on with the procedure: 

  • Are you ideal for teeth whitening?

If you are getting teeth whitening treatment, it is critical to ensure that you are ideal for it. The procedure employs bleach and whitening gels that may cause more harm than intended to a person. You should second guess your decision if you are:

  1. A pregnant woman
  2. Inhabit medical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, or such
  3. Light sensitive 
  4. Suffer from gum problems and sensitivity 

In such cases, it is best to avoid using bleach or other harsh materials. You can consult a doctor to know the pros and cons before proceeding with this treatment to be on the safe side.

  • The reason behind the stain

Do you know why your teeth are stained or not the desired white? If not, then you must figure it out! The white you get after teeth whitening depends considerably on the original color of your teeth. There are chances your teeth’ discoloration may be genetic. However, many people face discoloration issues due to the excessive consumption of coffee, soda, and wines, engaging with tobacco, diseases, or aging. 

Visit a dentist to know the reason behind the discoloration because it plays a vital part in the treatment:

  1. Bleaching can remove the teeth’ discoloration by external factors like high consumption of certain foods or drinks such as caffeinated drinks, fruit juices, berries, etc.
  2. Staining caused by internal factors such as medications asks for more advanced treatment.


  • Duration of the treatment 

It is essential to know the time process for the treatment. It takes approximately one to two hours to complete the process at a dentist’s clinic. The dentist uses the laser whitening method by painting teeth with a bleaching agent and covering gums to avoid infection. 

But, it does end there! You have to make many more visits regularly to finish the procedure. The condition of a person’s teeth decides the duration of the process. Usually, three or four appointments work well if you have good oral health. The duration time for treatment can vary depending on:

  1. The original color of teeth
  2. Any previous dental condition
  3. Current oral health 
  • Measure the pros and cons

Teeth whitening has as many side effects as its advantages, if not more. It will benefit you by removing stains, hiding imperfections, giving you a youthful look, reducing bacteria, and improving your esteem if you seek professional aid. You will see yourself smiling more often in crowds without fear of judgment. 

However, everything comes with two sides. It does help in removing teeth discoloration and experiencing other things but at an extreme cost of risk to teeth. It is inexpensive but comes with many downsides:

  1. The use of bleach can make teeth weak by the removal of enamel
  2. Cause sensitivity
  3. Gum receding
  4. Oral diseases
  • How long does it stay?

As it is said, nothing lasts forever! The same goes for whitened teeth. Bleaching or gel is not a permanent solution to getting white teeth; they slowly but surely lose their touch. Do not fret; as a temporary method, teeth whitening stays for a long while without any complications. There are some steps by which you can enjoy long-lasting effects of the treatment if followed regularly:

  1. Minimal consumption of certain foods and beverages
  2. The attentive care of teeth
  3. Get a take-home whitening kit
  4. Visit the dentist routinely

How one leads his life substantially affects the overall results. You must maintain a healthy Melbourne lifestyle to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of teeth whitening.


Teeth whitening helps in keeping teeth clean and looking healthy. However, it is advisable to note the quantity of bleaching gel used in your treatment. Severe use of such gels can permanently damage your teeth leading to bad oral health. You can also lighten your teeth with a take-home teeth whitening kit as it contains various products like whitening toothpaste, whitening pens, whitening strips, and much more to facilitate the process at home.  

We at Swan Skin & Body Solutions provide various services to our clients, from body massages and cosmetic teeth whitening services in Melbourne to Laser Lipo in Melbourne. Our high dedication and passion satisfy our customers and have helped us become the best teeth whitening in Melbourne. We give them a take-home kit, too, to assist them in yielding long-term effects.

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