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Get to know about Best Pizza in Hamilton

Pizza is the Best Food. It’s versatile. It filling. It’s delicious, delicious, and cheesy goodness that runs from top to bottom. It a good thing Hamilton has lots of it. It’s a fact that this is the most difficult top list we’ve ever made. There are too many fantastic pizza joints across Hamilton, and picking the top was no simple task. In the end, we try our best to ensure that the list was balance with classics and recent offerings, including traditional dishes and more contemporary and tasty food.

Without further delay, top pizza joints in Hamilton in 2022

  • Alfredo’s Place

The place is underrate. It is locate at Upper Gage and Fennell on Hamilton Mountain; this 16-year-old family-owned business produces delicious authentic Pizza, panzerotti, and pasta from their tiny, long-standing shopfront.

The pizzas are not only vast and customizable, with a wide selection of your favorite classic toppings. The cost is also quite affordable. If you’re looking for a simple kind of comfort food pizza that doesn’t eat up your wallet, there’s a more accessible place to eat in the city.

  • Rise Above Pizzeria

Rise above Pizzeria is easily one of Best Pizza in Hamilton most distinctive spots for Pizza, and it’s because it’s Hamilton’s very first and only pizza restaurant that is vegan!

Rise Above also serves some delicious wings made of seitan, the product made from wheat gluten that is boiled in broth which plays the role of chicken. Infused with homemade wings sauces, these beauties are a must-try. Try them when you’re craving something new!

  • Earth to Table: Bread Bar

For great stone-baked thin crust pizzas with imaginative toppings, the Earth at Table Bread Bar has got the best of it.

The restaurant has a long-standing place at Locke Street and a more contemporary sister restaurant opening in James North; Bread Bar stands out due to its commitment to using high-quality local ingredients. This shows in their pizzas that are creatively designed.

Many options are available, including Bee Sting, a pizza made with Bee Sting, served with honey, spicy sausage basil, and lemon ricotta. Apple & Bacon pizza with white sauce cheese, bacon, mozzarella, smoked cheddar caramelized onions, and fried sage. There’s a lot to suit every hungry taste bud on the menu at Earth to Table. 

  • Cafe Buffalo

One of Best Pizza in Hamilton, the finest place for pizzas made in the style of Rome by slices or slabs, Cafe Baffico is almost like having a small piece of Italy right in the city.

Chef and owner Jordan Weisz, formerly of Smalls Coffee, first began his culinary career during his time in Rome, Italy, where he learned about the art and worked in the kitchens of some of the most renowned restaurants. He’s now brought his expert knowledge and experience back to Hamilton, and our city is better thanks to it.

  • Shorty’s Pizza

The true Hamilton pizza lovers will not be shocked to find Shorty’s taking the first place. It’s the location in Hamilton to find authentic New York-style, thin-crust Pizza. And it’s not a bit disappointing.

Shorty’s Pizza is so famous that, even on a weekday, it’s not unusual to wait an hour for your Pizza; however, it’s worth it. The standard varieties, such as the classic New York Cheese, are pack with balance flavor (that sauce!). Also, less well-known options such as White Pizza. White Pizza with mozzarella, pesto, ricotta and citrus zest, and sweet sesame seed crust is never out to be a hit.

The menu is accompany by a selection of dips made by the restaurant (the garlic and dill are incredibly impressive); Shorty’s Pizza fully recreates the authentic taste of New York-style pizza without the need to travel across the borders. It’s hard to find a better pizza than this, so go on.

  • Feeling Adventurous? – Shaddock’s Pizza

Shaddock’s has been the spot to go to in Butler County for your crazier pizza cravings for over 60 years. Shaddock’s is an established Middletown tradition, serving Pizza, cold drinks, Subs, and Pizza. Famous for their crispier crust pies, excellent service, and daily specials. Their famous Taco Pizza; salsa, cheese, onion, jalapeno lettuce, black olive, tomato, and a serving of sour cream

  • “Taste you’ll always remember” – Chester’s Pizza.

It is a family-own pickup pizza place that has been pass across generations. They are known for their fresh ingredients and delicious taste; there’s no reason to depart from their mom’s original recipe. When you visit for a bite, you’ll experience the same delightful taste that people from the area have heard about.

  • Fumo

Crispy thin-crust Pizza topped comes with toppings that are both classic and fun (the Buffalo pizza includes spicy Louisiana-style chicken blue cheese, mozzarella, and blue cheese). Place your order on the site directly.

  • Pizza by Lucille’s

Deliciously craft round pies and a plethora of delicious square pie recipes (which are also frozen) are accessible for delivery on their website.


Sasso invites customers to “Mangia,” – and Best Pizza in Hamilton is the main course. The menu for the season is fill with unusual combinations such as The San Francisco (cure trout, Fennel roasting red peppers, capers, olives) and the Nutty Pig (maple bacon and mozzarella, leeks along with walnuts).

A must-try: Nothing beats cold like PePeR-G’S, Sasso’s most famous ‘as. It’s top with pepperoncini, pecorino garlic, rapini, and sausage. Serve it with any of the five dips made by the house.

Frequently Ask Questions

What restaurant offers the spiciest Pizza within Hamilton?

If you’re looking for the best Pizza with a spicy flavor in Hamilton, it is a must to look at The Vendetta Pizza from the Pizzeria Vitale located on Liberty Fairfield Road. The Pizza is smoky Italian sausages, spicy jalapenos, and a secret spice inside the sauce. It will awaken your taste buds.

What restaurant offers the most delicious calzone pizza within Hamilton?

To find the most OK calzone pizza in Hamilton, you must go towards Main Street to Millilo’s Pizza. They bake their calzones with freshly baked dough daily and add ingredients you like.

What restaurant serves the most delicious potatoes pizzas within Hamilton?

If you’re searching for an influx of carbs or severe comfort food and looking for the most delicious potato pizza available in Hamilton, then you should visit Richard’s Pizza on Main Street. The potato pizzas are pack with.

Which restaurant serves the best Pizza made of vegetables within Hamilton?

If you’re looking for the most delicious vegetable pizzas in Hamilton, you must make a trip to Karen’s Pizza on Eaton Avenue. The vegetarian Pizza is serve with six varieties of fresh vegetables, including mushrooms and fresh tomatoes.


You’ll rarely feel like you’re also missing the meat and dairy deal. The Above brands are a spinoff of the well-known vegan comfort food restaurant. These are excellent pizza comparable to the best vegan alternatives, and it does it without using any animal products.

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