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Goa Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers

Goa is a beautiful place in India known for its gorgeous coastline, palm-fringed beaches, numerous beach shacks, vibrant parties, bustling flea markets, and various other attractions like historical forts, churches, ancient temples, waterfalls, wildlife reserves, etc. With several opportunities for fun and adventure, this small Indian state draws a lot of domestic and international travelers every year. It has even earned a great reputation as the “beach and party capital of India.” Are you traveling to Goa for the first time? Below are a few important Goa travel tips along with other useful information that you need to know about this seaside paradise before you go.

Packing Essentials for Your Goa Trip

If you are planning a holiday by the beaches in Goa, then make sure you carry an extra pair of beachwear, light-colored and light-weight tops and breathable pants/shorts, and flip flops. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and headscarves are a must for your beach vacation in Goa. You never know when the extra pair of clothes and footwear that you take with you might come in handy. At the same time, do not overpack because there are some things that you can buy from the local markets at much cheaper rates. Pack right and pack light for your own comfort.

Enjoy Various Beach Activities, But Exercise Caution

Goa is extremely famous for its beaches, where you can have a great time enjoying several beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and a range of watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, deep diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat riding, windsurfing and a lot more. While you indulge yourself in these activities, it is always advised to take proper care for safety reasons. Be on the lookout for red flags at beaches, which indicate that such beaches are not ideal for swimming probably because of strong currents and high waves in the sea or any other reason. One of the most important Goa travel tips is – Never venture into the waters without taking advice from the lifeguards. Also, apply a generous amount of sunscreen and wear shades to avoid the risk of sunburn or sunstroke.

Hone Your Bargaining Skills

The night bazaars and flea markets in Goa are popular with shopaholics. From clothes, jewelry, home decor, and accessories to handicrafts, spices, and wooden artifacts, anything and everything is available at these markets at comparatively low prices. But always remember to haggle if you think the shopkeeper quotes a higher price than what the product actually costs. Some vendors do try to rip off foreigners by selling things at higher prices, so be careful if you are a nonlocal traveler. And when you bargain for a cheap price, remember that these products are the only source of income for many vendors. Also, always keep an eye on your belongings when shopping in overcrowded markets.

Mind What You Eat, But Do Not Hold Yourself from Trying Local Cuisine

Goan fare has a variety of delicious food on offer, including dishes from Indian, Portuguese, Mexican, Chinese, Continental, Tibetan, and Thai cuisines. One of the best experiences of traveling is relishing the local food and so, do not restrain yourself from tasting local delicacies as well as street food in Goa.  However, make sure that you are eating fresh food at hygienic places. Goan fish curry and the local liquor Feni (prepared from coconut or cashew nuts) are absolute must-try here. And if you are sensitive to spices, order less spicy food as Indian food is generally heavy in spices. When it comes to drinking water, drink only bottled water and check the seal before consuming.

Party Safe and Be Safe

Although Goa is one of the safest places in India, it is advised that you always be on guard, especially when you are partying at night. Nightlife in Goa is an amazing experience, and with the setting of the sun, many beaches, beach shacks, bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Goa turn into party hubs, welcoming night owls who love to party till the wee hours. Drinking on beaches and in public places can land you in serious trouble, so never do this. Also, be vigilant at nightlife spots and never accept drinks from strangers. If you are a solo traveler, especially a female, then avoid walking alone in remote areas at night.

All set for your first Goa trip? Book your cheap flights from the USA to Goa Indian Eagle now! Follow these Goa travel tips and enjoy a great trip in this beautiful place.

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