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Guardians of Galaxy -The Marvels Movie Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is like listening to your favorite Fleetwood Mac song while riding a unicorn that shoots glitter from its buttocks and laser beams from its eyeballs across a rainbow.

It’s quite a lot. It might be overwhelming at times. But it is, without a doubt, incredible.

On the surface, Guardians 2 appears to be just another Marvel film: Heroes band together to battle a villain capable of taking over the universe. Director James Gunn recognizes this. And he’s had a couple things up his sleeve to distinguish Guardians 2 from the competition. An elegant trench coat outfit also gives the completion on selection a trench coat for Halloween

Guardians of Galaxy searchion for cosmos

Searching Cosmos for His Son

After saving the cosmos in the first film, Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and his companions must deal with new responsibilities and a target on their backs in this second edition of the fledgling Guardians franchise. They are employed by Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki), the leader of a species of beings known collectively as the Sovereign. Meanwhile, Star-father Lord’s Ego (Kurt Russell) appears after searching the cosmos for his son, sending the Guardians on a collision course with Star-origin Lord’s story. And following a sequence of tragic and remarkable occurrences, the entire galaxy appears to be conspiring against them, including antagonists from the first film like as Nebula (Karen Gillan) and the Ravagers.


The film has a pounding heart and a sincere desire to investigate what it means to be a family. It’s a family comedy disguised as a superhero, just like the first Guardians film. When it comes to exploring how we treat those we love and experiencing a strong yearning to find your people, your tribe, and your humanity in such a lonely universe, both films do more than any other Marvel picture.

But what truly distinguishes this space opera sequel from the rest of Marvel’s films is Gunn and his cast’s willingness to forego the Marvel cinematic universe’s more polished and formulaic veneer in order to get to the heart of what makes this film, and the Guardians franchise so irresistibly appealing: pure fun.


Guardians 2 bursts with such much wild humor and sparkling color that it’s impossible to mistake it for one of its darker superhero brethren, nor does it ever risk being dominated by them. Not with its radioactive candy-colored explosions, blubbery aliens burping forth technicolor stardust, and Baby Groot’s anime style eyes turning your heart to jelly.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has stronger and brighter visuals than the first film.

Superhero movies have a tendency to feature characters who are allergic to colour. Scarlet Witch’s bubblegum pinks and cherry reds from the comic books were replaced by dusty grapes in the Marvel movie adaptation. Bonnie and Clyde Costume. The red, white, and blue costume Captain America wears in movies is grayer. Even the early lemon-yellow accents that Iron Man had on the page were toned down when he moved to the big screen.

With Guardians 2, Gunn turns Marvel’s cosmos into a piñata, breaks it, and lets the stars stream out, which is not the case with the first film.

Each and every scene is vibrant, shimmering with orange sun or neon starlight. The trail of death left by Yondu’s (Michael Rooker) arrow is strawberry daiquiri pink. The space suits worn by Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) appear to be lit by blacklights.

Ego’s Planet

The verdant green in the movie’s opening sequences in Missouri and the emerald shades on Ego’s home planet, which is drenched in a hue that would make Willy Wonka blush, are both distinct shades from Gamora’s (Zoe Saldana) and Drax’s (Dave Bautista) army green skin.

Speaking of Ego, Kurt Russell has a shoulder-length, root beer-tinted Farrah Fawcett hairstyle that makes him appear 30 years younger owing to the wonders of CGI. The huge clashes in the film also feature spinning, whirling blasts of orange explosions, blue fire, and ruby lasers that are like pinballs bouncing off of each other, ratcheting up the intensity.

It Is Eye-Candy Overload in The Greatest Sense.

A movie like Guardians 2 aspires to be about the thrill of galactic racing at its core. It welcomes light and brightness and is well aware of the ecstasy it may experience by channeling the same dazzling, upbeat spirit as the comic novels it is based on.

Drax Deserves a Lot of The Credit for Guardians 2’s Humour, Which Is by Far the Funniest Film in The Marvel Canon.

Gunn challenges both the audience and his characters in Guardians 2 to laugh at everything, even as the world is exploding.

A prime example is the opening sequence of the movie. The Guardians are tasked with defending the Sovereign’s interplanetary batteries against a gigantic creature that resembles a hybrid of an octopus, sphincter, and a lamprey. Vin Diesel’s portrayal of Baby Groot plugs in an amplifier and starts dancing to “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO for no apparent reason. Gunn’s camera never leaves him, despite the fact that combat is taking on in the distance.

Baby Groot’s Dance

Nothing means more to Guardians 2 than Baby Groot’s dance routine. Gamora is shooting off a rifle (something she’s good at, even though she prefers a sword, we’re told), Drax is stabbing, and Star-Lord and Rocket are pew-pewing away.

Baby Groot's Dance

This opening scene establishes the mood for the entire film and emphasizes how laughter is the one constant in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. We’ll soon see that a lot of the humor in Guardians 2 comes from Dave Bautista’s Drax the Destroyer.

Drax was shown in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie to be an exceedingly literal entity that has trouble with metaphor and irony. He fully embraces that character trait in this episode, allowing Bautista to show off his great comic timing. For instance, he poses an open inquiry regarding genitalia in a scenario that serves as an explanation of a particular character’s genesis and worldview.

If This One Fault Weren’t Present, Guardians 2 Would Be Flawless.

The basic storyline in the majority of Marvel films is largely the same: evil villain, enormous threat, and destruction of planets. The challenging part is maintaining Marvel’s house style while avoiding becoming mired down with ancillary plotlines. The main problem with Guardians 2 is that there are one or two narratives that are always spinning their wheels.

The main idea of family is underlined, and each character develops (which is wonderful). However, seeing each storyline through to its conclusion drags down the action as a whole and lessens Guardians 2’s exhilarating excitement.


Star-Lord and his sense of mission serve as the emotional center of the movie. Star Lord is still not in charge of the Guardians, this group of people he has assembled, despite the royalty in his name and the movie’s characterization that he is more exceptional than the rest of his crew. Rocket challenges his legitimacy. Gamora is troubled by his egotism. Drax simply views him as a horrible dancing boy.

The intensity of Star-daddy Lord’s issues, which are also there, wasn’t known to us until Ego, his long-lost father, showed up on the scene. It raises a number of concerns on why Ego fell in love with Star-mother, Lord, why he left them both, and why he never returned. Ego may hold the key to assisting Star-Lord in understanding his own identity because he has never fit in, not on Earth nor in space.


The issue with Guardians 2 is that it’s unsure of whether it wants to be a team movie or a Star Lord and buddies extravaganza. Other characters are given emotional subplots but aren’t given enough time or space to completely develop them, so we’re stuck with a mix of both.

More than any other Marvel movie, Guardians 2 explores the value of family and how it relates to our humanity at its best. There is an empirical need in our souls to locate our tribe, whether we are focusing on mechanical raccoons or extraterrestrial assassins, destroyers, or stellar lords. Family is never how you expect it to be or how you expect it to look, as the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie demonstrated. Guardians 2 explores the extraordinary extent we’ll go to for family, even if it means endangering the galaxy.

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