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Hemp Seed Products in India : A Traditional Method of Hemp Textile Production

No wonder Hemp has turned out to be a strong player in the commercial and industrial arena within a short span of time. More recently, the multiplicity of these products have blessed the market space of India. Hempistani is a venture that brings countless Hemp Products from a variety of sellers under one roof. Its shared-passion for Hemp association with other Businesses, Organisations, and Ventures makes it a one-stop shop. Undoubtedly, it is successfully changing the narrative surrounding Hemp Seed Products in India.

Hemp Seeds Products

Hemp has put to use in countless products such as oils, food items, haircare, skincare, and stress-relief products. Paper, Biofuel, and Bioplastics are among other inventions that bring out the best of this plant. It has also managed to enter the textile production vertical owing to the impressive characteristics of Hemp fibres such as strength and durability. As an eco-friendly resource, its entry in various clothing lines has ensured that consumers move towards sustainable consumption.

Why has Hemp emerged as a top pick for textile production? Hemp’s popularity owes to striking properties, for instance, it is three times more durable than Cotton. It has great abrasion resistance as well as UV resistance. Hemp fabric is antimicrobial and keeps mold at bay. Dyes stick to this fabric easily, the scope for experimentation broadens as a result.

The fibres don’t degrade even after frequent washes and dry-cleaning. It is also resistant to mildew, rotting, and saltwater. Clothes made out of Hemp are eco-friendly and  breathable, making it a strong contender in the textile market.

At present, Hemp textiles are at par with other fabrics, such as Cotton. The stems of this plant render fibres, while its leaves are use to make paper. Its fibres are acquir after a traditional method of production.

Hemp Seed Products in India

Let’s Get a Quick Idea of This Process-

Sowing- Seeds are sown to get healthy Hemp plants that produce durable fibres.

Harvesting- This takes place just before the seed formation to ensure the fibres aren’t extremely tough for processing later.

Retting- Its stems are either soak in water for over 10 days or layed on the ground for a few weeks. This is done purposely in order to decay the pectin that binds hemp fibres to the stem.

Separating- The stems are further broken and beaten to separate the fibres from its outer shell.

Combing- After separating the stems from any unwanted remains, the fibres are combed together to gain a uniformity.

Roving : The threads derived after combing are arranged on spinning bobbins, multiple threads are combined to form a durable thread.

Spinning- Finally, yarns are produced using wet or dry spinning of these threads.

The versatility of Hemp fibres has helped producers to make the most out of it. Spinning yarns and blended yarns are some standard products acquir in the early stages of Hemp textile production. Home textile products, menswear, womenswear, and denims are among other commodities that represent Hemp in the market.

Today Hemp Production has been modernis using cutting-edge technology. A Hemp seed shelling machine eases the process of separating the outer covering from the fibres. This particular equipment includes an input hopper, spirit elevator, dehulling unit, and a separating unit. Other machines like Seed Drill, Transplanter, and CBD Hemp Harvester increase the efficiency of Hemp Textile Production by tenfold.

Looking for Hemp Products? Hempistani is the perfect one-stop-shop for you. Browse through a variety of products from categories like Health, Wellness, Haircare, Skincare, Apparels, Personal Grooming, Pet Care, CBD Products, and a whole lot more. Explore the endless possibilities of Hemp with the most amazing products under one roof- Hempistani.

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