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Here’s How to Make Colorful Embroidered Backpack Charm

School is about to start again! You went to the store to buy school supplies, pencils, notebooks, and a backpack, and what else are you missing? Of course, the charm of a personalized backpack! The Ultimate Bag Glamor Project We have a fun project to decorate your bag to perfection! Using vinyl or flock tablecloths, you can make zentangle backpack magic that your child can colour or enjoy as they are! You will use quilted Hatch letters, polyester yarn, and felt backing. But first, let’s discuss what is machine embroidery and how embroidery digitizing works in the real world.

What is machine embroidery?


The term “machine embroidery” refers to the process of creating a design on your chosen fabric using a sewing machine or a professional embroidery machine. It is used more commercially because it is a great tool for branded products or uniforms, but it can also be used to create patterns for purely decorative purposes. 

There are two main types of machine embroidery: hand-drawn embroidery and computerized embroidery. The embroiders on a stand-alone machine, making designs with a basic zig-zag sewing machine, but this can be very limited. It is also laborious and time-consuming, as the embroiderer must manually develop the design using the different settings of the sewing machine. 

In contrast, computer embroidery, as the name suggests, is computer controlled. These industrial and commercial embroidery machines, like the ones we use at MigDigitizing, have a frame or frame system that keeps the embroidered area of ​​the fabric snug under the sewing needle. The machine then automatically moves the area to create a design based on a pre-programmed digital embroidery pattern. The functions of embroidery machines vary, and all require varying degrees of user intervention. 


Some will require you to change the thread color during the process, while others can cut and change the color automatically. In addition, multi-needle machines can consist of multiple sewing heads, which means they can embroider multiple pieces simultaneously.


How Creating These Embroidered Backpack Charms is Fun?


We all need to make a laugh, significant items for our own circle of relatives and friends, so why now no longer lead them to even higher via way of means of personalizing them? For kids, permitting them to color and create their very own particular backpack tag permits them to be explicit themselves withinside a very pleasant way! Although, these smooth backpack charms may be crafted from the letters preloaded in the Hatch embroidery software program or created with the use of your very own artwork. 


Start with these, and whilst you discover how smooth and a laugh they’re to make, you’ll need to get extra creative! The components for this laugh assignment won’t wreck the bank! You likely have a maximum or all the substances and don’t want a lot; portions as small as 6×6 inch squares will paint well (get digging in that material stash). These customized charms aren’t only for backpacks! They also can be used for bag tags, keychains, or maybe customized bottle charms. Your creativeness is the ONLY limit!


Some Basic Stuff Needed For These Embroidered Backpack Charms:


  • Tablecloth material with coloured or light-coloured vinyl 
  • Felt material for backing 
  • Temporary spray glue (or masking tape would also work) 
  • Polyester embroidery thread 
  • Tear stabilizer 
  • Embroidery font – In this tutorial, letters are used in graffiti stickers. 
  • Pre-installed in Hatch  embroidery software

Embroidered Backpack Charm Guideline:

Thi project is super easy and can be transformed in so many ways, using your own fillings, graphic designs, or nothing at all! The goal is to use a design with enough open space for the budding artist to color the space. Think of it as a picture book. Here are the simple steps to follow!


  • Use Hatch 3 to select a number or letter from the Doodle Applique installed in the design library.
  • Resize the desired letter to according to your backpack size
  • Digitize a loop around 4 mm (1/4 inch) in width and put it on the border
  • That’s it!


Once you have saved that design, here are the next steps to stitch out your backpack charm:

Step 1: Hoop the medium tear-away embroidery stabilizer.

Step 2: Use a temporary adhesive spray and adhere to vinyl or flocked tablecloth material and put shiny side up in your hoop.

Step 3: Place the hoop on the embroidery machine and continue stitching via the design filling.

Step 4: Stop the machine at the end of the fill and pull the hoop from the machine.

Step 5: Place a piece of felt on the back side of the hook at least ½ inch larger than the letter, which has been lightly sprayed, and adhere it to the backside.

Step 6: Place the hoop again in the machine and stitch out to the end.

Step 7: Release stitched material from the hoop and rip away the stabilizer.

Step 8: Trim to ¼ inch of the letter edge by using a pair of scissors.

Step 9: Carefully trim out the innards of the loops and the middle of the letters, if there are any.

Step 10: ENJOY! It’s up to you either leave it plain or color in your design. 


Finale: Embroidered Backpack Letter Charms Are Easy & Fun


Simple, isn’t it? An elegant, unique gift for anyone on your list. Although it only takes a few minutes to create the project, it will last and can be customized in a thousand ways or you can also paste a custom embroidery patch. Here are some things to keep in mind when doing this project:

  • Use vinyl or tablecloths instead of woven fabric because it will bleed when painting the letter.
  • Use only temporary embroidery adhesive spray, as permanent adhesive or patterned one, can stick to your machine.
  • For a stronger look, use vinyl on both the back and front.
  • Be sure to use a permanent marker for vibrant, long-lasting color!

We hope you will enjoy working on this project and get inspired! We are excited and can’t wait to see what you create.

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