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History and Trek to Vasuki Tal

It is believed that Lord Vishnu himself took a bath in this lake on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Since then the importance of this place increased among the devotees. According to another belief, on the full moon day of the month of Shravan, Vasuki Nag himself is seen in this lake. Vasuki Nag is considered the king of all snakes. In the month of Sawan, Brahmakamal is offered to the Shivling located in Kedarnath. This Brahmakamal is found only around Vasuki Tal. Brahma Kamal is brought by the priests of Kedarnath temple after reaching this pool, which is offered to the Shivling of Kedarnath.

Trek to Vasuki Tal


If you want to come via Vasuki Tal, then it is also necessary to know about its trek. Its trek starts from Gaurikund which goes ahead via Kedarnath. That’s why some of the devotees who come to visit Kedarnath, of them also come through Vasuki Taal.


The distance from Gaurikund to Vasuki Tal is 24 kilometers and you cannot complete it in a day. For this, you first go to Kedarnath temple from Gaurikund, which is a 16-kilometer trek. On this trek, you will find all kinds of facilities like medical, food shops, rest houses, toilets, etc.


Along with this, if you want, you can trek to Kedarnath on foot or to do this, many types of facilities like a palanquin, horse, pony, Pittu, etc. are also available. Apart from all these, you can also reach Kedarnath temple directly by taking a helicopter from Phata airbase near Guptkashi.


After reaching Kedarnath, visit the temple there. Don’t forget to visit Adi Shankaracharya’s Samadhi, Bhimshila, and Shri Bhairavnath Temple located nearby. The trek to Vasuki Tal cannot be completed in a day as there are no facilities for staying above.


That’s why we stayed that day in Kedarnath Basecamp, located near Kedarnath Temple, in the campus or rooms provided by Mandal Nigam, and the next morning we left for Vasuki Tal. The distance from Kedarnath to Vasuki Tal is 8 km.


You leave Kedarnath early in the morning for Vasuki Tal so that you can reach back to Kedarnath before sunset. It will be a total trek of 16 km but keep in mind to reach Kedarnath base camp before dark as this area is not considered safe for a trek at night. Actually, this entire area of ​​Kedarnath comes under Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, in which many wild bears can be seen.


That’s why you leave early in the morning for this Tal. Keep one more thing in mind, all kinds of facilities that you were getting on the trek up to Kedarnath will not be available on the trek to Vasuki Tal. Very few people go to Vasuki Taal from Kedarnath and the facilities here are minimal or rather non-existent.


That’s why you carry your food and drink with you. The initial 4 km trek to reach Vasuki Tal is decent but after that one has to climb steeply for 3 km. By trekking a total of 7 kilometers, you reach the peak of Vasuki hill. Then going down about 1 kilometer from here you will reach Vasuki Tal.

Aside from this your favorite place for accommodation while visiting Vasuki Tal has to be a homestay in Joshimath

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