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Hormonal Replacement Therapy – The Benefits and Risks

It is essential for both males and females to appreciate each stage of their lives, but women’s lives face more trouble. When women reach the age of 18, their menstrual cycle begins, which causes a number of problems. Next, they experience pregnancy, which marks the beginning of the female body’s transformation. Then the next phase is menopause, which marks the end of the menstrual cycle and causes a number of health problems because, as women age, their reproductive organs do not get any more healthy and active. Their performance and health are always changing. The main issue arises for women either just before or right after menopause. Their nocturnal sweats, dry vagina, and many other symptoms make daily life uncomfortable. Innovative techniques can offer the most helpful assistance in that situation. If you are experiencing this type of issue, don’t worry because there are solutions available. Here is a complete guide to Hormonal Replacement Therapy in Dubai.

What Are The Aims Of Therapy?

Oestrogen is clinically injected into the body in this procedure to activate or boost its functioning. Aging has an impact on the internal organs as well. Women begin exhibiting menopause symptoms around the age of 50. The sole treatment for these symptoms, which can be extremely uncomfortable for the person, is estrogen hormonal  replacement therapy, which is accessible in a variety of formats, including pills, creams, gels, skin watches, and even needles. Getting injections is the most efficient way because they are rapid and effective.

Who Can Get HRT Therapy?

Except in a few rare circumstances, everybody can receive hormonal replacement therapy, which should make you delighted. Among the few women who cannot receive counseling are:

  • Women who suffer from long-term conditions like diabetes
  • Women who are overweight
  • Underweight and malnourished women.
  • Any female who is under 50
  • Women who are younger than 60
  • Women who don’t follow a healthy lifestyle and diet
  • Those with genetic abnormalities

What Is The Cost Of Hormonal Replacement Therapy?

The price of hormone replacement therapy in Dubai ranges from 999 to 1999 AED. This is the cost of a single estrogen therapy appointment or session. This implies that regardless of the course of treatment you choose, you will be required to pay this amount for each session.

According to how many facilities you need, you will typically be charged more. The cost depends on multiple factors, including the selection of the treatment option, the expertise of the doctor, the location of the clinic, and the severity of the disease.

What Is The Risk Of HRT?

For most women, the advantages of HRT typically outweigh the risks. The type of HRT you use, the length of time you use it, and your personal health risks will all affect the risks, which are typically quite low. If you have concerns about any hazards associated with HRT or are considering starting it, talk to your doctor about the main risks associated with this treatment option:

Mammary cancer:

If you use only estrogen, your risk of developing breast cancer is either negligible or unchanged. Breast cancer risk may increase slightly when combined HRT is used. The elevated risk decreases if you quit using HRT and is correlated with how long you take it. Attendance at this event is particularly crucial due to the chance of cancer.

Blood Clots:

The chance of clotting is not increased by HRT applications or creams. Blood clot risk is increased by taking HRT pills, but it is still low.

Strokes And Heart Conditions:

When started before the age of 60, Your risk of cardiovascular disease (including heart attacks and strokes) is not noticeably increased by HRT, and it could even be decreased. heart disease risk is normally fairly low in women under the age of 60, so even while using HRT tablets is associated with a small increase in this chance, the overall risk remains relatively minimal.

What Are The Benefits Of HRT?

The main advantage of the treatment  can alleviate the majority of menopausal symptoms, including:

  • Reduced Vasomotor Symptoms: Three months after beginning treatment, patients often experience their greatest improvement.
  • Enhancing Life Quality: It can improve sleep and get rid of muscle soreness, which impacts how life feels overall.
  • Getting rid of mood swings makes it easier to deal with depression’s symptoms.
  • Reduction of Urogenital Symptoms: It enhances sexual performance and lessens vaginal dryness.
  • Additionally, it might ease the signs of frequent urination.
  • Risk Reduction: There is a decreased risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and colorectal cancer.
  • HRT can also assist in preventing bone thinning, which increases the chance of rupture(osteoporosis). Osteoporosis becomes more prevalent following menopause.

What Are The Other Alternatives To Hormone Therapy?

Healthy lifestyle practices such as maintaining a healthy body temperature, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and engaging in paced relaxing breathing or other relaxation techniques can help to control menopausal hot flashes. Additionally, a number of prescribed nonhormone drugs may lessen hot flashes. A vaginal moisturizer or lubricant may offer treatment for vaginal issues like dryness or uncomfortable intercourse. The prescription drug ospemifene (Osphena), may help with instances of painful intercourse. but there are very safe and effective procedures available.


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