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Hot Sauces you Need to Try.

Cooking is the art of preparing food flavors and tastes. The essential purpose of using hot sauces in any dish is to add spiciness, tanginess, and sweetness. Also, there are many flavors for the sauces. The dingolay hot sauces brand prepares the best sauces you are looking for.

Origin of the sauces

Long ago, in ancient times, people discovered sauces. They mainly founded the chilies in the region of Central America. They cultivated the first pepper plant in 7000BC. The first hot sauce sample they made consisted of water and peppers only. They not only used it for eating but for medicines, to punish their enemies, and for trading.

Types of peppers used for the sauces

  • Habanero
  • Jalapeno
  • Thai birds eye chili
  • Tabasco
  • Fatalii

Why are hot sauces hot?

They discovered a special ingredient back in time, which was capsaicin. Then, they chemically reacted to this substance to give a spicy flavor to the peppers.

An introduction to the Scoville scale

In 1912, people founded a scale or a system to measure the level of spiciness of the sauces. A Scoville scale was mainly used to determine the heat of the sauce. Wilbur Scoville discovered it. People tasted the sauces to check for their spiciness and hotness of it. Further, they poured water into the pepper to bring the spiciness to zero. Hence, the reading was then calibrated on the scale.

Recipe for the sauce

It is easy to prepare because the main ingredient, chilies, is available at home. In less than thirty minutes, your sauce will be ready to serve. In this blog, you will be shared a recipe for a sauce made from scotch bonnet pepper. The scotch bonnet pepper is grown on plants. Also, the pepper you will be using tastes like habanero pepper.


  • Scotch bonnet pepper
  • Sweet pepper
  • Chopped lemongrass
  • Cloves of garlic
  • Powder of curry
  • Powdered black pepper
  • Salt
  • Apple cider vinegar or synthetic vinegar
  • water


  1. Firstly, in a pan, add the ingredients mentioned above to it and heat them.
  2. Afterward, when they boil, slow down the flame and put them to simmer
  3. So after half an hour, all of the solid ingredients would become tender
  4. Then, place all the mixture into a blender and blend them
  5. you can change its consistency with water
  6. Now, strain the ingredients into a jar
  7. your liquid sauce is ready
  8. Further, you can serve it on your favorite dish

For variation, you can add herbs, onion, ginger slices, spices like dried chili powder, fruits, and lemon juice. Moreover, you can place this sauce in a refrigerator for longer. To increase its shelf life, add more vinegar to the sauce.

Health benefits of the sauces

People consume sauces when they are on a diet as it helps them in weight reduction. The special ingredient capsaicin boosts the digestion rate of the body. Secondly, it has fewer calories. You can enjoy rich flavorsome food without taking in too many calories.

It will add sweet and salty flavor to curry. In addition, if you consume the sauces, they will be a source of vitamins. Many peppers added to the sauces contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant agents. Your skin will gain its elasticity and will appear younger. Also, you won’t catch flu, fever, or any chronic problems.

Afterward, it will clear out congestion and blockages of air passages. Many theories state that these sauces help you fight against tumors and cancers. They can relieve your body aches. Capsaicin will reduce your blood pressure because it accelerates nitric oxide production. This is the only substance that will bring down your blood pressure. With the sauce, you will eat slowly to enjoy its savor fully. So it will encourage you to eat fewer portions of food.

Types of hot sauces

You will understand some types and uses of the sauces.

   1. Chili garlic sauce

A chili garlic sauce has chunks of chili and garlic sauce. People even add sugar to the sauce to make it a bit sweet. Thus, you can use it in cooking.

    2. Sriracha

People call this sauce a red-orange sauce. They widely use it in Asian cuisines. For example, use it with rice and pasta. Also, try it out on seafood, omelets, soups, and sandwiches. Use this sauce as a dip.

    3. Gourmet sauce

A gourmet sauce is prepared with the addition of fruits, like mangoes and pineapples. This particular sauce tastes milder than other sauces. You can marinate chicken with the sauce, pour it into your soup, and serve it in the place of dip.

Dingolay hot sauces

Our brand has a comprehensive collection of hot sauces with fruits flavor. The most liked sauces are mango and pineapple sauces. Our sauces taste more unique than any other sauce of a brand. It is because we use original spices with fruits and pulps. To bring originality to the sauces. Then the peppers we use are harvested in Jamaica. You can use our sauces for various purposes, from a dip to a marinating sauce. We don’t add gluten to the sauces.


No doubt, hot sauces play an essential role in the enhancement of the taste of food. Also, you can find too many of them in various flavors and with many ingredients since it will also bring excellent taste to plain simple dishes.

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