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How Are Patients With Florida Glaucoma Using Medical Marijuana To Help With Symptom Alleviation?

How Does Medical Marijuana Helps Glaucoma Patients With Symptom Alleviation?

A common eyesight ailment called glaucoma affects about 60.6 million people globally. It is the second most common reason for blindness and disproportionately affects elderly people. Medical Marijuana helps glaucoma patients . The secret to properly treating this illness may lie in early intervention. Unluckily, this illness sneaks up on its victims, who don’t even recognize the symptoms until they’ve significantly lost their vision. For this reason, it’s crucial to get a full eye exam on a regular basis, especially if you’re over 60.

How Does Medical Marijuana Relate To Glaucoma?

You must be wondering whether there is a link between glaucoma and medical marijuana. And how does it go about treating the illness? Medical Marijuana helps glaucoma patients .The blood flow to the optic nerve is indirectly decreased by high blood pressure, which medical marijuana helps to relieve. It undoubtedly aids in lowering intraocular pressure, which in turn guards against optic nerve damage for the patient.

In conclusion, THC use may be an effective treatment for glaucoma patients, and glaucoma patients must have their condition under control 24 hours a day to prevent irreversible vision loss.

What Do Researchers Think Of It?

While it is important to discuss marijuana’s natural benefits and how it is safer to use than traditional pharmaceuticals, there is still more to know. Researchers found that Medical Marijuana helps glaucoma patients . Medical marijuana is still not under FDA regulation, which means it is not governed by the same laws and regulations that apply to prescription pharmaceuticals.

The results of research investigations done in the 1970s and 1980s show a measurable drop in intraocular pressure lasting three to four hours. The pressure must be under control at all times in order to treat glaucoma and preserve eyesight.

A patient needs to consume approximately 18 to 20 mg of THC content nearly six to eight times per day in order to reduce intraocular pressure by 3 to 5 mm Hg and maintain the same reduction ratio. So, with a registered medical doctor’s recommendation, we strongly advise you to use medical cannabis.

Treatment Options for Traditional Glaucoma

Regular medical care can slow the disease’s progression and avert further eyesight loss. Some of these therapies are:

Drops for the eyes : Eye drops are injected directly into the eye and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to reduce intraocular pressure.

Pills :  Pills can assist in regulating the eyes’ production of fluid and in easing symptoms. When using medications, which doctors recommend taking two to four times per day, the side effects must be considered.

Glaucoma Surgery : Surgical treatment for glaucoma is not always necessary for those who have the illness.

What other ways does medical marijuana benefit glaucoma patients?

Other symptoms of advanced glaucoma include extreme nausea, pain, and loss of appetite. Medical cannabis is an effective treatment for these common ailments. As a result, according to the most recent statistics, medical marijuana can supplement but not replace existing glaucoma treatments.

The final words!
Medical cannabis may benefit glaucoma patients, but since the field is still in its infancy, much more research is required. Only follow your doctor’s instructions if a medical professional .To know more about Florida Medical Marijuana card , visit My MMJ Doctor Website .


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