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How digital marketing changing a healthcare marketing

B2B marketing strategies have changed significantly in recent years. This change is due to the purchasing behavior of customers, which is adapting to the requirements and experiences of the B2C area. To continue successfully accompanying your target group in the healthcare sector, you should implement Digital Marketing. We show you how digital marketing platforms simplify your processes.

What is Digital Marketing?

This type of marketing includes any digital strategy used online, such as:

  • Classic online advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEM and SEO

The focus is on creating high-quality content. This strategy of so-called inbound marketing relies on the pull techniques with which you draw prospects to your website. In contrast to classic outbound marketing, in this way, you provide your potential customers in the healthcare marketing agency with content that they are asking for.

The development in the direction of digitization of B2B sales can be seen. For example, 67% of those surveyed already gave the Roland Berger study “The digital future of B2B sales indicate that they enable their customers to place orders online. In this way, they follow the trend of B2B digitization and successfully use digital strategies to increase sales.

What does digital marketing mean in healthcare?

Your online marketing strategy must go beyond the exclusive use of print media because, today, customers are actively looking for solutions on the Internet. So you are already showing interest in a product idea. Your goal must be to attract prospects with qualified content and successful content marketing to convince them of your healthcare company and offer.

For your medical marketing agency, this means that you have to rely on digital channels. Your company must have a website to use an efficient inbound marketing strategy. However, a website alone is not enough: To reach as many potential customers as possible, you must distribute your content offer on different channels. Digital marketing measures such as SEO and email marketing are helpful here.

Software solutions simplify your processes

So-called marketing automation software is platforms like HubSpot, which aim to automate marketing processes. The software helps you accompany your customers through automated processes throughout the buyers’ journey. Above all, lead nurturing becomes easier because the individual steps are personalized. For example, a typical automated process might, according to HubSpot, looks like this:

  • A potential customer is interested in your e-book.
  • You then send him a download link, and he downloads the e-book from your website.
  • A few days later, you send the potential customer an email with a download link for a case study that is thematically related to the e-book.
  • As soon as the prospect downloads the study, your sales team will receive a notification to contact them.

Since the automated processes are personalized and respond individually to the customer, the likelihood of a qualified business contact increases. The areas in which marketing automation is possible are diverse:

    • blog
    • social media
    • CMS
    • SEO
    • email marketing
    • Analytics

If you implement marketing automation software in your healthcare marketing agency, you can simplify all business processes. In addition, the time gained in this way can be used much more efficiently for customer care.

Digital strategies lead to success

It is also worth relying on digital marketing strategies when marketing medical technology. Classic outbound measures should be supplemented by inbound marketing. For example, create interesting content for your website and share it on various digital channels to attract more potential customers to your company.

Digital marketing in healthcare is success-oriented. By using marketing automation, you can significantly simplify your business processes and make healthcare digital marketing agency more effective. In this way, you are up to date on the development of digitization in the B2B area.


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