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How Does Mercury Influence Your Life, As Per Astrology

As the solar system’s smallest and innermost planet, Mercury is often overshadowed by its brighter and more well-known neighbors. But in astrology, this planet can actually hold a lot of sway over our lives. Mercury influences our communication style, our thinking process, and even our short-term memory. This planet also governs travel, so it’s no surprise that Mercury is known as the “winged messenger.” In this blog post, we’ll explore how Mercury influences your life as per astrology. From your communication style to your travel plans, read on to learn more about this powerful planet.

What is mercury?

As per astrology, mercury is the planet that governs communication, intelligence, and transportation. It influences your life by affecting your ability to think clearly, communicate effectively, and travel smoothly. When mercury is in a positive position in your birth chart, it can bless you with a sharp mind, quick wit, and smooth travels. However, when mercury is in a negative position in your birth chart, it can cause problems with communication and transportation.

Mercury is also known as the “planet of commerce” because it represents the exchange of ideas and information. This planet is associated with communication, thinking, perception, and travel. Mercury is also known as the “winged messenger” because it is said to be able to move quickly and effortlessly between different realms.

What is the influence of mercury in astrology?

In astrology, mercury is known as the planet of communication. It is said to influence our ability to think and communicate clearly. Mercury is also associated with commerce and travel. In your birth chart, mercury represents your capacity for mental activity, your power of expression, and your capacity for adaptability and change.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year for about three weeks at a time. During this period, mercury appears to move backward in the sky. This is an illusion caused by the fact that mercury’s orbit around the sun is faster than Earth’s orbit. When mercury is in retrograde, it is said to influence our lives in a number of ways.

Some people believe that mercury retrograde is a time to be careful with your words and to think before you speak. This is because mercury is the planet of communication, and when it is in retrograde, our ability to communicate clearly may be diminished.

Other people believe that mercury retrograde is a good time to reflect on the past and to learn from your mistakes. This is because mercury is associated with change and adaptability, and during this time, we may be more open to change than usual.

Still others believe that mercury retrograde is a good time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to focus on your inner world. This is because mercury is associated with mental activity, and during this time, we may need some time to relax and rejuvenate our minds.

Some people believe that mercury retrograde periods are times when miscommunications and misunderstandings are more likely to occur. It is also thought that during these periods, we may have difficulty making decisions or be more prone to changing our minds. Mercury retrograde can also be a challenging time for travel plans, as delays and cancellations are more common.

How does mercury influence your life?

Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, and commerce. As such, it influences our daily lives in many ways. For example, if Mercury is well-aspected in your birth chart, you may find yourself naturally gifted at writing or speaking. You may also enjoy a more fast-paced lifestyle and have an affinity for technology.

Conversely, if Mercury is poorly aspected in your chart, you may experience difficulties with communication and transportation. You may also find yourself easily confused or prone to making mistakes. However, even if Mercury is not particularly strong in your chart, there are still ways to harness its energy and use it to your advantage.

By understanding how this planet affects you on a personal level, you can make the most of its energies and use them to improve your life. Also check your monthly and daily horoscopes prediction where you can get benefited by astrological guide and remedy, etc.


Mercury is an important planet in astrology, and its influence can be felt in many areas of your life. From your communication style to your ability to think clearly and make decisions, Mercury’s placement in your birth chart can tell you a lot about yourself. If you’re wondering how this planet affects you, be sure to consult with an experienced astrologer who can help you interpret your birth chart.

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