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How effective is Email marketing for your Online Business?

Before we talk about the effectiveness of Email Marketing Courses, let’s first under more about Email Marketing. This is true that Email Marketing is least understood as compared to other marketing tools. Sometimes it is surprising because the results that Email Marketing is producing are much better than other tools. Are you also surprised! Don’t worry let’s figure it out…

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing. It is a powerful digital strategy to send out a promotional text or any sort of content in the form of Emails to potential customers or existing users of the Product or Services. The purpose of this strategy is either selling of your product/Services to increase business sales or brand awareness among new users. Irrespective of these two purposes, the ultimate goal is to generate sales only.

Why you should go for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the oldest ways among other popular marketing strategies but still very effective and profitable strategies as compared to others like Social Media marketing etc.

Generally, business owners think that Social media marketing is better than Email Marketing but this is totally an assumption and unawareness of data and stats. Yes, it’s true..! The below points will boost your confidence and trust in email marketing before we know more on Email Marketing.

By the way, did you know that Email Marketing can give you 42X returns of your investment…!

Comparative Analysis

  1. As per the Survey conducted by Monetate, 4.24% of email recipients buy something as compared to 2.49% from search engines and only .59% from Social Media.
  2. 90% of the emails are delivered to the targeted prospect’s inboxes, while just 2% of the Facebook users see your post from your friend’s list of followers.
  3. An average CTR (Click through rate) of an email campaign is around 3%, meaning out of 100 email recipients 3 customers open it while the average CTR from a tweet is just .5 out of 100.

Is Email-Marketing easy to do?

Well, as you know nothing is easy unless you learn it. Email Marketing is also same. However, it is not as difficult or complicated as people think. Remember, you can always take the benefit of your competitors as many of them do not even know the above analysis..! Since you know it now, so let’s take the advantage of it.

Email marketing is very easy if you understand the flow and funnel process of this magic in a systematic way. For this, you can learn it from various online platforms. There are many Email Marketing courses available, which are practical and share the in-depth knowledge of entire email marketing funnel process and how you can make aware of your new users or prospects to your permanent & loyal customers.

Email marketing course can help you to know about various automatic tools available, the campaign model, eye catching subject line, personalized messages, magical draft scripts which can be customized as per your business models and line of services and what now. Use the learning and let the magic happen.

Now these days there are various free and paid software’s available for Email Marketing which are automated.

Email Marketing FREE and Paid Tools:

Email Marketing is an automated process once you set it up. Later if is just matter of your analysis from the data that tool gives you and make some tweak, here and there to bring it to perfection.

Yes, you need not need to sit all the day to draft messages and send it to your prospects and clients one by one. There is a complete funnel in-built process that shoots out your email campaigns to the customers from prospecting to sales closure. It gives you complete detailed analysis report and results like how many email delivered, how many and who opened your email..! It creates a proper sales funnel and even can awake up your dead client.

I am sharing some of the available Email Marketing tools:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Benchmark Email
  3. Sendpulse
  4. Omnisend
  5. Sender
  6. Sendinblue
  7. HubSpot

At the end, below are some key pointers to remember to grow you business to the next level about Email marketing Courses:

  1. There is a higher reach of Email Marketing
  2. You can personalize the message as per each customer which you can’t do on a Social media posts
  3. Higher Return on Investment

Finally, remember that everyone uses Email marketing and use of smartphones made it easy for each of your customers to quickly respond.!

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