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How effectively the sanitation program helps the people of India?

An effective sanitation program plays a crucial role in the operation’s overall success. The national sanitation foundation aims to improve morale & present better productivity with reduced chances of spreading disease. After the Covid outbreak, people have become more attentive toward hygiene and sanitation. Multiple platforms organize effective sanitation programs in rural and urban areas to meet the people’s requirements.

Organizing the sanitation program by the national sanitation foundation aims to deliver a clean & sanitary environment. These programs are designed to accomplish the objective of fulfilling regulatory requirements. To get more detailed information about this program, let’s get into the depth!

What is the importance of sanitation programs?

Do you know that in rural areas, most people die due to sanitation, inadequate water, and bad hygiene? Almost 60% of death happens because of total diarrhoeal deaths. As the health reports, Poor sanitation is the biggest cause of several neglected tropical diseases. Poor sanitation & bad hygiene also contributes to malnutrition.

With the help of public and private platforms like the national sanitation foundation, in 2020, almost 54% of the people used safe sanitation services. Isn’t this the biggest improvement that we all have witnessed? But still, there are many areas where people lack water, sanitation, and private toilets. Recent reports said that over 1.7 billion people are still going through the unavailability of private toilets.

494 million people are defecating in open areas. The poor sanitation service impacts badly on social and economical development. Poor sanitation causes reduced wellness and economical development. Poor sanitation leads to multiple transmission of diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and intestinal worm infections.

With the improved sanitation program by the national sanitation foundation, Diarrhoea can be prevented, and it can control the death of 2,97,000 children aged under 5 years each year. To control these deaths, a better water, hygiene, and sanitation program is all necessary. It is necessary to adopt sanitation & hygiene habits to improve the widespread disease, malnutrition, and poverty.

The role of sanitation & hygiene is critical for survival, development, and health improvement. This is why multiple public and private organizations come to the front and establish themselves for the well-being of people. These platforms introduce themselves by providing adequate knowledge about sanitation and hygiene to the community. Throughout the whole world, more than 1.7 billion people still lack basic sanitation. Around 2.3 billion people lack access to hygiene, so joining the national sanitation foundation program is necessary. 

What are the benefits of joining sanitation programs?

By joining the sanitation programs by the national sanitation foundation, people can get improved sanitation benefits and reduce the risk of Diarrhoea. Here are the benefits of the sanitation program:

  • It reduces the spreading of schistosomiasis, intestinal worms, and trachoma, also known as tropical diseases that can put people at risk.
  • By joining the sanitation program, you can reduce the severity and impact of malnutrition;
  • The sanitation programs are designed to promote dignity and boost the safety of women and girls during menstruation.
  • With improved sanitation, school attendance is increasing. These programs boost the knowledge of girl children. 
  • These programs make people aware of how to reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

What are the dos & don’ts which should be followed to promote hygiene?

When you join any sanitation program conducted by the national sanitation foundation, there are many factors that they will make you aware of. Here we share some of the dos and don’ts:

  • It is necessary to assess belief in sanitation and hygiene practices. The community should follow the planning and implementation of interventions. There are lots of organizations that support these programs and conduct various programs on public platforms for promoting and educating people using participatory techniques. Most of these programs target women and girl children to make them strong.
  • These programs make people aware of identifying the practices that should be changed for the wellness and betterment of people. People should adopt certain things, such as washing hands, safe food preparation, and safe disposable processes.
  • There are lots of promotional campaigns that are still happening to make people aware of basic hygiene. There is a range of technology options necessary to explain the Maintenance requirement, cost, and benefits of using them.
  • As a responsible person, it is always approached to incorporate the programs and patiently try to understand the practices of sanitation & hygiene. For positive health benefits, it is required to understand the sanitation and hygiene components. 
  • Most of the programs related to sanitation and hygiene are conducted in high schools where the students are aware of basic sanity. They will learn about the basic sanitation program and complementary goals.

By following all the above-detailed factors, you can clearly understand how the national sanitation foundation and other associated platforms help people. To contribute, you can join these programs & help these platforms. 


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