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How Long Does FUE Hair Restoration Clinics Process Take?

The follicular unit extraction process involves taking hair follicles from your scalp and transplanting them to the recipient site of your scalp. FUE technique has become popular compared to follicular unit transplantation since it does not affect hair plugs appearance. During the FUE hair transplant procedure, FUE hair clinics use micro punches to collect hair follicles and move them, leaving no sign of extraction.

The procedure is known to be safe and has minor complications. You might experience minor difficulties which will disappear in a few days. Keep reading to learn more about the FUE hair restoration method.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

The FUE hair restoration method takes individual hair follicles from the back of your scalp and implants them where you are experiencing hair loss. The surgery makes the transplanted hair follicles grow thicker and healthy. The technique was meant to replace FUT. Follicular unit transplantation is performed by taking the whole piece of skin or scalp together with the hair follicles. The hair follicles from that strip will be transplanted to the targeted site.

However, the FUE technique has become popular compared to FUT since it is less likely to result in hair plugs. This appears when the sections of your do not match the surrounding site. It will also not leave you with a visible scar as with the FUT technique.

The ideal candidate for FUE is typically someone suffering from thinning hair or balding. But they should still have enough hair to use for transplantation. You might not be eligible for this procedure if you do not have health or enough hair at the donor site.

The Cost for FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Based on several FUE hair clinics, the costs usually vary based on several factors. However, the average cost ranges from $4000 to $15000 per session. But several sessions might cost up to $50000 or more. The actual cost for the FUE hair restoration technique will be based on;

  • Number of hair follicles requiring to be extracted and transplanted
  • The number of surgeons in the area to perform the surgery
  • The frequency of the surgeon performing the surgery
  • Experience or in-demand of your surgeon.

FUE hair restoration treatment is a cosmetic process, which means you must pay out of pocket. Health insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. Also, ensure you have enough money to cover prescription medication for pain or other complications that might result from this surgery. Also, ensure to factor out some time off for recovery and consider the costs. Most companies do not cover hair transplant procedures under medical leave policies.

How do FUE Hair Transplants work?

Hair growth comes in three cycles. Therefore, as you age, the cycle of hair growth and regrowth shortens until hair no longer grows. However, the process is different for everyone since some people start balding in their 20s while others start later in life.

The hair restoration process restores hair by replacing the old hair follicles with new ones that are still able to grow. After the surgery, hair follicles will be nourished by the blood and begin to grow. Here are the steps involved during the procedure;

  • First, the surgeon will start by shaving down the hair in the donor and recipient areas.
  • With a micro punch tool, they will remove hair follicles from your skin.
  • The surgeon will then make a series of tiny needles or other small sharp tools where the collected hair follicles will be inserted.
  • Lastly, the surgeon will then clean and bandage the site for recovery.

Targeted Sites for Treatment

FUE hair restoration treatment is commonly performed on the scalp. However, it can still be performed on any part of your body experiencing hair loss. Follicular unit extraction can be performed on your arms, legs, and genital area.

What to Expect After the Follicular Unit Extraction Process?

FUE hair transplant recovery process is typically quick. You might experience some swelling which will subside in about three days. The following are some of the aftercare instructions you will be required to follow to facilitate recovery;

  • Avoid shower or washing your hair for at least three days
  • Go for gentle, unscented shampoos a few weeks after you have started washing your hair.
  • Request a few days off work to help speed up the recovery
  • At least three weeks after the surgery, make sure not to brush or comb the hair
  • Avoid hats, beanies, or other clothing that covers your head until the doctor permits it.
  • Avoid any strenuous activity for at least a week.


FUE hair clinics provide permanent solutions for visibly thinning hairs. The outcome of this hair restoration process is usually permanent since you cannot undo them. But this does not mean how your hair looks after healing is the way it will appear forever. Always go for an experienced surgeon who knows how to create a natural-appearing and sustainable hair transplant.

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