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How Technology Improves our life

How Technology Improves our life

Technology is the driving force behind innovation in this world. Innovation is an ability to transform an existing thing in new form. This is why the technology very interesting. Today In this article you will read how technology improves our life. We live in world where we can access everything which ever we want at our fingertips. This is because of technology.

Technology is only the reason behind innovation of this world. Without technology, we cannot communicate with our relatives in this world. If the technology not exist, then there is no electricity or internet on Earth. Due to Technology, we hope for bright future of Earth. We can live longer with the help of technology. We can eat, hear, walk, and even we can fly around the world with the help of technology.

What is Technology?

Now, the question rises in your mind that what is technology. Technology is the application of science by using which we create devices, systems, and processes used in many field of our life. These devices or systems helps us to work efficiently and fast. Technology is collections of things that improves our life on Earth.

Technology improves every field of our life. Such as Communication, Transportation, Health Facility, Education. In fact, technology improves our whole life. I describe below in detail that you much it impact our life.

1. Ease of Communication:

Ease of Communication
Ease of Communication

Communication become easier with the help of technology. Internet has revolutionized the world we live in today. To communicate instantly anywhere in the world become easier through technology. Before technology, it is difficult to communicate to another within minutes of seconds. Now the people anywhere in the world connect with other people through audio, video.

Smartphones is also a massive development in this regard. If the technology is the car then Smartphone is the driver for this car. Smartphone revolutionized the modern world much. This is the main gadget to communicate fast. You can send text message, email, voice message, video message with smartphone very easily.

2. Improvement in Health Industry:

Technology play a vital role in Health Industry. Healthcare department become so strong with the help of technology. Some of examples are given below.

Improvement in Health Industry
Improvement in Health Industry

2.1 Medical Imaging Devices:

Medical Imaging Devices are the devices which is used by Doctor during examine the patient such as X-ray machines, MRI scanners, ultrasound machine, and CT Scans. With these equipment it becomes easier to examine patient.

2.2 Telemedicine:

Telemedicine means with the help of technology the doctor can talk or examine him while communication at a distance. This can be email, messages, audio call or a video call.

2.3 Healthcare Apps:

Now such kind of apps are developed by which we can test ourselves with any problem. We can check our Heartbeat, our weight, Sugar level, and Blood Pressure.

3. Ease of Transportation:

Technology also facilitate us in the field of Transportation.

Ease of Transportation
Ease of Transportation

3.1 Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles are now popular due to its reduces the emission of smoke, lower maintenance cost, and increase of fuel efficiency. They also environmental friendly it does not cause for air pollution. They are useful for going to daily jobs.

3.2 E-Tickets:

Technology is also beneficial for us in booking for transport. Now the passenger can book their ticket by sitting at home. They no need to go station and reserved their bath. They can buy ticket online through transport official website or app.


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