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How to Access Blocked Websites in 2022

The invention of the internet is the greatest human achievement ever. It has increased awareness of the knowledge that is available throughout the world. In addition to providing access to information and knowledge, the internet also gives you access to leisure options including playing online games, listening to music, chatting with people across the world, and watching movies.

We all like using the Internet to get free information and a wide range of other things. There are numerous essentially free and copyright-protected websites.

This is not as easy as it may appear, because of online restrictions and the fact that services are only provided in a small number of nations. Both government and internet service providers restrict several websites from their side.

Blocked websites are an annoying reality of the online world because almost everyone runs into one at some point or another.

On rare occasions, because of violation of local customs and traditions, the website can get restricted. Such limits and website prohibitions upset people all the time.

However, the government continues to block content more than ever before.    

Now the question is what are the ways to access and use such restricted websites and pages? So, here we are with this informative article which will guide you with this problem. Read further in this post to find some ways to access websites.

Ways to Access Restricted Websites

Below-given are some of the methods or tools you can use to enjoy and access your favorite websites that are banned.

Using a VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a tool that encrypts your internet traffic and enables you to conceal your IP address so that no one can detect your precise location. This lets you access the blocked websites in your country.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes as an alternative when users attempt to access blocked or restricted websites irrespective of any reason.

The easiest option to bypass government or ISP censorship is to use a trustworthy and safe VPN service because it makes use of end-to-end encrypted passages so that network logs cannot detect your existence.

Currently, it is also the most widely used method of avoiding internet censorship as it prevents the websites from getting blocked because it accesses websites indirectly through a VPN server and keeps your ISP in the dark.

There are a tonne of VPNs available, you can choose any of the Best VPNs for Windows 10 that suits you the most.

Using Proxies

One of the first methods of getting access to a website that has been prohibited is through proxy websites. The proxy website essentially acts as a bridge between users and the server’s website.

Numerous free proxy websites exist that let you access banned websites. It is not necessary to change your web browser’s settings or download and install any third-party software in order to use a proxy website to unblock a website.

All you have to do is use Google to look for a trustworthy proxy website and type its URL into the address box.

Though it is absolutely free to use a proxy service to access blocked websites, there are some drawbacks. Limitations include slow internet speed, many advertisements, being pressured to visit undesirable websites, automatic software downloads, and a lack of security.

Using IP Addresses

There’s always a potential that your organization or government will ban particular URLs rather than IP addresses. If that’s the case, using the site’s IP address will allow you to unblock it.

You can know the IP address of any website through the Command Prompt in the Windows system. 

Paste the IP that is shown in the Command prompt’s results in the address bar of your browser, to open the website as usual without interruption.

Using TOR Browser

The short form of “The Onion Router”, i.e., TOR. It is an unrestricted, open-source network used to develop and safeguard online anonymity. While concealing your identity is its main objective, it also has the advantage of enabling websites that have been blocked by forwarding your traffic through its extensive network of relays.

The TOR network relies entirely on volunteers to run its massive overlay network. The TOR network is simple and cost-free to use. 

By downloading the Tor browser and choosing a connection, you can access the network. But along with all such advantages, TOR proves out to be the slowest browser and software.

Using Google Translator 

You can visit websites your internet service provider has restricted by using Google Translate. If you are in a hurry and just need access to the text content, this method is one of the quickest ways to do so. Though it is not a highly dependable approach for opening prohibited websites.

Go to Google Translator, enter the website’s URL in the translation box, and hit the translate button to complete the process. The blocked website will be directed to you when you click on the translation box.

This way of opening prohibited websites doesn’t slow down your internet connection, but you might only be able to access text-based information instead of movies and photos

Also read how to Easily store and transfer files

Alter DNS Settings

Websites and IP addresses might be subject to limitations put in place by ISPs using their DNS address. The solution to this issue is to use one of the many public DNS services available. Google’s Public DNS IP addresses are always accessible via Google search.

By entering the IP address of the new DNS server in your computer’s network settings, you can change DNS servers.

Using Wayback Machine

On the Internet, every piece of data is stored safely and securely avoiding any loss of data. The Wayback Machine is among the most effective ways to depict such a long and distant past.

The Wayback Machine keeps all online pages cached and keeps at least one of its snapshots on file. This is the single largest collection of archive contents, therefore you may quickly find many more.


Here you go! Now you can easily and quickly get access to your favorite or desired website without any restrictions through these tools and methods. Refer to this article if you are looking for such ways.

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